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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Fletch, Oct 29, 2004.

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    Mike Williams is not polished enough to warrant a top 5 selection. I wouldn't choose him top 10. Keary Colbert was the better college WR last year and he now he has a year off to go with being raw. I think he will have a similar career to Javon walker, i.e. big impact after a couple of frustrating years early. Thats applies to most young NFL WRs but it wont to Braylon Edwards who is very Roy Willaims-esque. It pays to perform on the field and at the combine.

    The Chiefs wont pick before 15. They are not a bad team theu just started out slowly. I wouldn't be suprised to see them make the playoffs. There are far too mnay folks making instant prognostications based on 4 or 5 weeks of football. Anyone who saw KC last week wouldn't expect to draft early.

    I think it is pretty clear at this point Braylon is the 1st Wr off the board. So it comes down to Chris Henry and Mike Williams for #2. I'm not sure there yet honestly. I'd need to see a lot of film of Mike Williams on plays he didn't get thrown to(to see his route-running and blocking) and a few more games of Chris Henry before I wanted to make that decision. In either case I think the higher ranked goes bottom of the top 10 and the other about 15.
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    I can't and I don't think anyone can.

    McGahee's agent conned Buffalo and we see how good Buffalo has been in those 2 years. Buff clearly should ahve traded down if they wer ein love with McGahee but the agent had them thinking other teams were about to snatch him up and that docters were saying he could play as a rookie.

    McGahee also has a superb year of Heisman type football under his belt. MW doesnt. He wasn't Matt Lienart's favorite WR and he wasn't Carson Palmer's. I am not sure if he equates more to Paxxico Burress or Larry Fitzgerlad but I lean more to Burress because he isn't as polished as Fitzgerald was in college though ayear away could make him a better Wr if he uses it properly. He is a bit of a wildcard that will ultimately be a bit of a gamble.
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    Wow. Not even sure what to say about that post. Sounds very much like East Coast bias against the teams that play later in the evening when it's bedtime. The part that is really mind boggling is the Keary Colbert is better claim. I guaratee you there isn't an NFL coach or scout anywhere who agrees with that. Must be personal tastes to elevate Edwards. Can't even imagine another logical reason.
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    I don't buy that at all...frankly, your idea that he was "not polished" is don't own every record in the league and threaten the other WR's in a draft when your a sophomore if you are "unpolished"....I think it's a close call if you favor's an opinion, and I respect yours, but to call Williams "unpolished" is silly.

    I actually hope you're wrong because if Williams drops, he'll drop right into our laps...we can spend our first pick on Rodrique Wright (DT) and still get Mike Williams for our offense....I'd love for other NFL teams to rank 1-2 WR's over Williams...I just don't think it will happen.
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    I can't believe that post either hos. Colbert and Edwards over Williams!?!
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    Agreed. Sound pick. And I like Rolle with our third overall choice. Wide reciever in the second, where Williams might well drop.
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    Braylon Edwards >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mike Williams

    Get Braylon Edwards, that simple

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