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Chicago Bears Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Rd 1 - 031 - Greg Olsen TE, Miami

    BIOGRAPHY: Two-year starter awarded varying degrees of All-Conference honors since his junior campaign. Led the Hurricanes in receptions last season posting 40/489/1, after 31/451/4 as a sophomore.

    POSITIVES: Athletic prospect who flashes brilliance yet does not show much consistency. Quick releasing off the line, fluid into routes and immediately gets to top speed. Finds the clearing in the defense, makes himself an available target and extends to catch the ball.

    NEGATIVES: Not physical as a blocker and leans on opponents. Easily brought down at the point of attack running after the reception. Does not show a lot of playing strength.

    ANALYSIS: Olsen is a solid prospect for the next level who needs to show more on the field. A tremendous athlete with great upside but needs to develop his game.


    Rd 2 - 037 -

    Bears trade second round pick (#37) to the Chargers for Chargers second round pick (#62), 3rd round pick (#93), 5th round pick (#167) and Chargers 3rd round pick in 08

    Rd 2 - 062 - From Chargers

    Dan Buzuin DE, Central Michigan

    BIOGRAPHY: Four-year starter and All-Conference selection since his sophomore campaign. Senior totals were 67/15/10.5 when he struggled with injury and personal tragedy throughout the season. Junior totals included 74/26.5/16, tying the conference record for sacks

    POSITIVES: Game-destructive defender with size and growth potential. Quickly gets off the snap with a nice first step, rushes the edge with speed and makes plays down the line of scrimmage. Displays excellent hand technique protecting himself, quickly changes direction.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks bulk, slowed by blocks or easily knocked from his angle of attack. Occasionally plays out of control, missing tackles and over-pursuing the action. Ran poorly at the combine then showed little skills during linebacker drills.

    ANALYSIS: A high-motor defender who makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage, Bazuin is a top-level collegiate performer with good upside for the next level. Has potential as a conventional defensive end or possibly a rush linebacker for a 3-4 defense.


    Rd 3 - 093 - From Chargers

    Garrett Wolfe, RB Northern Illinois

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors the past two years and named as an All-American after his senior season. Rushing totals from last year were 309/1,920/18, with 28/249/1 receiving. Totaled 1,580 yards rushing as a junior and 1,656 as a sophomore.

    POSITIVES: Undersized yet creative ball handler who can run to daylight in the open field. Patient, instinctive and waits for blocks to develop anywhere on the field. Displays outstanding vision, constantly finds the running lanes and squirts through the small crevices.

    NEGATIVES: Has had problems with shoulder injuries in the past. Wears down over the course of his season. Does not have the frame to add much more weight.

    ANALYSIS: A productive football player who works hard and possesses terrific intangibles, Wolfe.s lack of size and limited growth potential will hamper him at the next level. Could be used as a third-down/situational back and if he adds the element of return specialist.


    Rd 3 - 094 - Michael Okwo LB, Stanford

    BIOGRAPHY: All-Conference selection as a senior when he became a full-time starter posting 95/5/2. Originally awarded All-Conference honors as a special-teams player after his freshman campaign.

    POSITIVES: Athletic and instinctive linebacker best suited for the weak side. Displays outstanding speed, quickly changes direction and is relentless in pursuit of the action. Makes a lot of plays out to the flanks. Instinctive, immediately picks up coverage assignments.

    NEGATIVES: Not strong at the point, gets caught up in the trash or easily blocked from the action. Has a history of injuries, which caused him to miss significant playing time.

    ANALYSIS: A terrific athlete with a good head for the game, Okwo works hard to make plays in every direction of the field. Offers potential as a one-gap linebacker and could eventually develop into a starter if he remains healthy.


    Rd 4 - 130 - Josh Beekman - OG Boston College
    Rd 5 - 167 - From Chargers - Kevin Payne DB, Louisiana-Monroe
    Rd 5 - 168 - Corey Graham CB, Hew Hampshire
    Rd 7 - 221 - Trumaine McBride CB, Mississippi
    Rd 7 - 241 - Aaron Brant OT, Iowa State

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