Chiefs Trade For Alex Smith

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheFinisher, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Exactly. Like the year Smith got drafted, Alex Rodgers fell to 24 and the Packers picked him up. Not many thought they'd use a first rounder on a QB with Favre still around.

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    What franchise QB would that be and why do you think that they might not take a QB still? There isn't one QB in this draft, even if they decide to draft one, that can start for them immediately. It is very smart of this franchise to bring in a guy who has proven he can win and can ultimately provide time for this team to bring a QB along.

    I see no down side to this move.
  3. Shunpike

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    What a dumb move by the Chiefs. They guy is a bust and was a bust until Harbough touched him with his magic hands.

    Reid will suffer big time.
  4. joseephuss

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    We all know Reid knows QBs. He drafted McNabb and Kolb and brought in Vick.
  5. visionary

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    Alex Smith actually had a very good year under Norv
    By all accounts Reid's system is very QB friendly
    With a good team, i would not be surprised if they have a good year with Alex
  6. Shunpike

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    Even if you are right and Alex might work for the Chiefs, you gotta admit, it is a total failure to give two seconds for the guy. And the first second is almost a first.
  7. Avery

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    To me, the real question is who is going to want to try and trade up with the Chiefs? They might let the pick go for cheaper than you think since this year is a very fluid year in terms of who is a 'top' prospect and the egregious contracts are a moot point with the new CBA.

    Joeckel/Fisher/Johnson are somewhat interchangable in terms of who is actually the best prospect assuming that they even want an OT as their first choice.
  8. Alexander

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    It just tells me the Chiefs were so disgusted with this QB class in this draft that they decided to simply send the 49ers what they were going to spend on a rookie.

    Obviously they felt Geno Smith was not worth the top pick in the draft. They also thought Smith could be better than Barkley, Nassib or Glennon who they would like pick at the top of the second. I cannot say I find that to be too far off either.

    People like to bag on Smith, but he has shown he can be a bus driver and he was playing at a high level before he got injured last year. Reid's track record does show he can win games with that kind of QB.

    The extra draft choice might be a little over the top, but it is hardly a Herschel Walker like heist.
  9. Alexander

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    The Chiefs have been trying to move this choice for a while. Once Fisher pulled even or ahead of Joeckel, that was probably it. Teams like the Eagles and Cardinals who need a tackle would just as soon take whatever prospect the Chiefs did not.

    They had to get a QB and apparently do not care for Geno Smith. So the question is an experienced Alex Smith going to help them win more than whatever rookie they were going to take at the top of round two? I doubt it.

    And one other thing--KC fans were intensely angry last year. There is pressure to become competitive very soon for Reid and company. This does give them the best chance to do that.
  10. Risen Star

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    Who thought he was a great talent evaluator? The more control he got in Philly, the worse he did. That's a classic example of a guy wearing too many hats and that you're much more likely to have success when everybody has defined roles and they all respect those lines. It also helps when the people involved are all qualified to hold those positions.
  11. Risen Star

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    I think, ideally, you want to start grooming a young QB the first year you're on the job because that's when you have some job security. I can only assume Fat Andy doesn't see a QB really worth grooming this year. At least at the top of the draft.

    Still, if I am a Chiefs fan I hate this move. No way would I give up a top 40 draft pick for Alex Smith.
  12. DFWJC

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    I felt certain they were not going to blow the 1st overall pick on a QB from this class. That would be a huge reach.

    So did they think any QB that would be available at the top of Round 2 would be better than Alex Smith? The answer was "no".
    They like Alex Smith better than Glennon, Wilson, Bray etc. They may have liked him better than Gino as well. Odds are that Gino is gone by then and they clearly didn't think he was worth the #1 overall. Barkely may have been gone too.

    So instead of Glennon et all, they used their 2013 2nd rounder (and the 2013 equivalent of a 3rd) for Alex Smith.
  13. InmanRoshi

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    I think people badly underestimate the gulf between a bad quarterback and a better than average (though nowhere near elite) ~90 QBR quarterback. To say any QB drafted in the Top of of Round 2 is going to basically be the equivalent of Alex Smith ... I take it you didn't watch lot of Brandon Wheedon play last year. Or Jimmy Clausen the year before that. When you have awful QBs, I'm not talking about non-elite but awful, it holds the entire organization hostage and makes it virtually impossible to even properly begin the evaluation process and rebuilding effort. If you watched Arizona Cardinal games last year, Larry Fitzgerald looked like nothing special. How could you possibly evaluate Jonathon Baldwin?
  14. Hoofbite

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    I think Harbaugh is likely looking at the future more so than at what specifically happened this year.

    Whether or not they were better with Smith is far from "undisputed".

    Who they will be better off with in the future is strongly in favor of Kaepernick.
  15. DFWJC

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    Now there are rumblings that San Francisco is going to make a run for Revis.
  16. big dog cowboy

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    No one. They are screwed and they know it.

  17. newlander

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    .......agree with you RS: he is NOT worth a top 40 pick: I can see their pick in the 3rd round but my gosh the first pick of the SECOND round? Not stunned but very surprised. That said, you have to have a bus driver so they can rebuild the next 3-4 years and that's exactly what he is. The draft is REALLY bad for qb's this year so...I can see trading for him but man....the FIRST pick of the second round is GOLD.....worst news of all: Niners get even BETTER. They have a crap ton of picks already. Be afraid: be very afraid.
  18. numnuts23

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    Well that would make sense with all their draft picks.
  19. AKATheRake

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    For some reason our GM thinks we're Superbowl bound.

    Teams like the 49ers, Pats, Seahawks and Broncos can seriously make some power moves and create a clear edge from the rest of the league. Even the Packers are still in a great position to do something monumental.

    I do see us getting better. But I don't see how we're making up enough ground in comparison to the leagues hierarchy of teams.
  20. DFWJC

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    If it works out, they just got a starting QB for the eqivalant of a 2013 high second round pick and 3rd round pick.
    That is great value.

    That is , IF, it works out and he performs as a medium starting QB.

    I'm sure thier decsion process was, do we spend that second rund pick one of the rookie QBs or do we take a veteran that Reid likes very much forhis system. If it works out, they made a great move. If it does not, then the only way it was alosss is if one of theose rookie QBs that would be there in the 2nd round turns out to be great.

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