Childress Compares Culpepper to T.O.

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ConcordCowboy, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Childress compares Culpepper to T.O.

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress says he saw a little of T.O. in Daunte Culpepper. That was enough for him.

    "It just became a deal where I didn't feel like it was the team, I felt like it was 'me,"' Childress said Monday about Culpepper. "I went through a big 'me' situation last year with a guy who was all about 'me."'
    While still the offensive coordinator at Philadelphia, Childress clashed with Terrell Owens during training camp, the precursor to the mercurial receiver's high-profile exile from the Eagles.

    Shortly after replacing Mike Tice as the head coach in Minnesota, Childress again found himself not seeing eye-to-eye with one of the team's marquee players.

    Culpepper refused to rehab his severely injured right knee in Minnesota, preferring to remain at home in Florida. He also asked for a raise and was hesitant to meet with Childress and the new coaching staff to start examining the team's new offense.

    "I think we're just playing the ultimate team game and so everybody has to be on board," Childress said. "Specifically, the quarterback has to be on board because that's kind of the straw that stirs the drink, if you will. You have to feel that, it has to be ringing through. I didn't quite get it."

    With neither side budging, the Vikings shipped Culpepper to Miami last week for a second-round pick, days after Culpepper requested to be traded or released.

    "Quite frankly, I don't think he wanted to be here anymore," the coach said. "I think he's probably better served where he's at. I think that we'll go forward and keep our gaze forward as opposed to looking back."

    Speaking at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Childress said he never got a good vibe from Culpepper, the unquestioned leader of the Vikings until last season's struggles on and off the field.

    "Everything became about being a $10 million-a-year quarterback," Childress said.

    Culpepper did not respond to an e-mail request for comment. Last week, he said he wanted to move forward with his new team.

    "I wish the best for the Viking organization as they go forward under the new ownership group and coaching staff," he wrote in an e-mail to reporters last week.

    Without Culpepper, the Vikings have turned to 37-year-old Brad Johnson as their starting quarterback. After Culpepper went down for the season against Carolina, Johnson helped the team to a 7-2 finish that was aided by an improved defense and soft schedule.

    Childress said Monday he is off to a much better start with Johnson.

    "I know where his heart is in no uncertain terms because he's told me that," Childress said. "He's looked me in the eye and told me that."

    For now, Childress said, Johnson is the team's starting quarterback. But the Vikings could bring in a veteran free agent such as Aaron Brooks, Brian Griese or Joey Harrington.

    And Childress didn't rule out trying to package the second-rounder the Vikings got from Miami to move up in the draft and take one of the marquee rookies - USC's Matt Leinart, Texas' Vince Young or Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler.

    "If you have a little bit of ammo, if you see somebody that moves you, you'd be able to move up if that person was there," he said.
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    He has alot of opinions for a guy that's never won a game in the NFL before.
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    well youve got to admit that T.O really is a self centered guy. all he wants is the ball.... but who doesnt want the ball? he isnt a team player... he really cant go a few plays without complaing that he doesnt get the ball... but none the less he is good... im just saying that he should lighten up alittle bit.. maybe be a team player???
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    What I can't understand, if your going to trade away Culpepper, why didn't you try to sign Drew Brees? They had better get one of those qbs in the first.
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    They are comparing Culpepper to pond scum?:D
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    Brad Childress just ruined any slight chance he had of ever becoming a decent NFL Head Coach.

    Whether he's right or not is irrelevant. You DO NOT call out, or badmouth, players to/through the media. Every Viking on that team now knows that Coach Childress could call them out to the media on any given day.

    Childress is just as bad as the people he's badmouthing. He's pathetic.
  7. speedkilz88

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    Good point Rack, he's doing the same stuff everybody is upset at TO for doing.
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    Being selfish is one thing. Burning other players is another.

    You have to take Childress' comments with a grain of salt, especially if you understand the business.

    It's kind of like saying you're sorry during a criminal investigation/case. That apology will be used against you. Yeah, it's the most noble course, but it may not help you beat your criminal case.

    Same with negotiating a new contract. If you don't place the focus on "you," you don't get paid. If you talk about "team" then the FO comes back, "Well, for the benefit of the team, you should renegotiate your contract or take a little less."

    It's all a game in business.
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    Agreed...he should have just taken the High Road.

    I read somewhere though that Culpepper was STILL mad at the Eagles in general and I believe Childress in particular for thinking McNabb was better and drafting Mcnabb before him.
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    I agree with you, but maybe he had to answer some critics in Minnie. After all, Culpepper did have one good year! I think Miami will find out that he is not as good as he thinks he is.

    With Culpepper gone, it is smooth sailing . . .

    BTW, I am still sorry about the avatar, Rack!

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