Chip Kelly In The NFC East: Threat or Joke?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Stryker44, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Stryker44

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    I think he's another college coach that will be exposed in the NFL. Do you guys think he's a legitimate threat or a joke in the NFC East?
  2. Yakuza Rich

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    I think he will be very average. I don't think he will be bad, but I don't think he'll be good.

    I think he's a smart guy. Reminds me a bit of Pete Carroll in his early days. I don't think he's been around the college game for too long to not be able to make some adjustments. But, I question his transition from an offensive schematic standpoint. I think the read-option will be in for a rude awakening in the next 2 years, but I also think he's too smart and good to not put forth some good gameplans and that's enough to make a serviceable team.

    The problem for him is that he comes into the NFC East, the toughest division in football.

  3. Doomsday101

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    Hard to say, how he interacts with players and how they respond to him will mean a lot. I know some focus on schemes but in the end it is 11 on 11 football and instilling a will to win and what it takes to win in my view is the key element. Many different schemes have worked in the NFL it comes down to getting a group of player to play as a team. If Kelly can do that then he can have success.
  4. Hoofbite

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    For the teams who have just the read option, I would agree.

    For teams who have capable passers who can run the read option, I'm not sure I would agree.

    Seems like the option systems of the past have relied solely on the system while disregarding what they could do if a team adjusted.

    This new wave of read option QBs seem to be a little more capable at passing. Wilson and RG3 can throw the ball so I think it's gonna be tough to just focus on stopping the option for these guys.
  5. jobberone

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    Don't know but never underestimate your opponent.
  6. Shunpike

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    Time will tell. Also it will depend on how his players react to him. He is definitely smart. Unfortunately, I hate Eagles more than everything in this world. So I hope fails, fails miserably.
  7. Phrozen Phil

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    This. :signmast:
  8. InmanRoshi

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    I think Greg Cossell's article is really spot on. His success will be able to scheme around sub-optimal QB play. His offense allowed him to do things in college that won't get away with in the NFL. One of his favorite tools in the college passing game is to take advantage of the wide hash marks to line up 3 wides on the fat side of the field and have them run combo routes off each other to create a wide open WR. That's not going to be as effective in the NFl working in narrower spaces, and the QB is going to have make a quick read and throw it into a tight window.
  9. Future

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    He's going to have to really adjust his system to the NFL game if he wants any success at all. It worked in college because he had elite speed at every position. He won't have that advantage anymore.
  10. Blackspider214

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    Agreed. He got to play lesser competition a lot of games since Oregon became an elite program. Most of the talent in the Pac-12 over those years were inferior, especially when it came to speed. Oregon never had the most elite players in the country but they had the perfect players for that system and the players bought into it.

    The NFL is a whole different ballgame. We will see how he connects to these players, whom are grown men playing for a paycheck and a lot of them have egos. Some may not buy into this system he brings. And it's hard in the NFL to get all the guys you want and need like you can in college through recruiting.

    It will be interesting, though. He has the type of QB right now in Vick. But injuries are always a problem with him.

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