Chip Kelly's domination of Monte Kiffin - by the numbers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EWilhelm, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Not gonna waste my time reading that jibberish. No one in college could stop Steve Spurrier's high flying offense either.

    Potatoe Chip's gimmick offense will put up huge numbers in preseason just like Spurrier did.

    Then it'll all come crashing down.
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    Thing is, Kiffin & the Tampa 2 have proven successful in the NFL...Kelly and his offensive variations of course have yet to do so. Running the Tampa 2 with Marinelli as DC, the Bears last year were at or near the top in forced turnovers, led the league in defensive TD's, and were top 10 in sacks & vs. the run.

    Chip and his offense won't be averaging 50 points a game in the NFL. I still recall when Spurrier went to the Skins with his fun-and-gun offense and they lit it up in the preseason...but didn't fair so well when the games counted.
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    I never liked the Kiffin hire. I also watched every USC game while he was DC. To say they couldnt stop the spread would be an understatement, and even though they were short some scollies, most recruits were at least 4 star.
  4. gimmesix

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    I don't really think it's much of an omen at all because the NFL is such a different game than college. In college, there are always weak links to exploit, which is why the Spread is so popular and effective. Coaches who have tried the Spread on this level, like Steve Spurrier, haven't had as much luck because teams can pressure better and you can't force the same kind of mismatches.

    With every defense there are concerns, but the main concern with this one is having the personnel to run it as effectively as Kiffin's Buccaneers did or Marinelli's Bears did, or even Seattle did last year.
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    This. The NFL is more of an equal playing field than the NCAA. One program was cheating (Ducks) and one program was on probation from cheating (USC). I heard on the radio that Chip is not even having his players tackle during preseason.
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    And the NFL has let Philly know indirectly that the refs set the tempo of the game so Kelly can't count on getting the snaps off as quickly as in college. If you sub then the refs will prevent hiking the ball until the D has had its subs in. And they aren't going to let them play that fast either. Not sure he was counting on that but his camp is run very quickly.
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    If he has said it once, Barry Switzer has said it 100 times: Coaches don't win football games, players do.
    Switzer is 5-3 in head-to-head meetings against Jimmy Johnson. His explanation has never wavered. "When he was at Oklahoma State, I had the better players. When he was at Miami, he had the better players."
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    Sounds very much like the OP is an Eagles fan still licking his wounds from last season. The results will be no different this season. If anything I see the Cowboys beating the Eagles by larger margins than last year.
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    The Eagles dont have a QB that can run that Offense. Vicks best days are behind him.
    Are the Eagles fans going to be patient enough for Kelly to get all the players to run that offense?
    By the way, I hope Andy Reid's Chiefs kick the Eagles A this year.
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    since it was his first post here you got to wonder.....
  11. Vanilla2

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    I too smelled troll as I read the thread.

    subpar attempt at it also.
  12. Yakuza Rich

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    I am not too worried about it. As good as Kiffin has been as a coach, his son has been quite the polar opposite. The son was the one that controls practices. Mike McCarthey's NFL resume was not overly impressive before he came to the Packers. Ever since he's been with the Packers, they've been a top-5 offense. And that's with them losing a legendary QB after his 1st season as coach.

    I think most people also forget that the Bears D-Coordinator, Rod Marinelli, is now our D-Line coach. Nobody complained about the Bears defense the past couple of years. Maybe if there was no Marinelli, I could see the fear of Chip Kelly and other offenses. But since Marinelli is the D-Line coach (widely regarded as the best D-Line coach in the entire game), I wouldn't spell doom for the Cowboys defense too soon.

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    NCAA Football is not the NFL. There are different rules, the game moves at a much slower pace which negates his upbeat tempo between snaps and teams the salary cap takes away the big/rich school advantage.

    The school gave the NFL Mark Sanchez (who I said was average at best coming out of college only to be told otherwise by just about everyone), Matt Leinhart, Matt Cassel and Carson Palmer. The teams that drafted those players wish success in NCAA Football meant success in the NFL.

  14. Reality

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    I read the article about Chip's so-called "12 second" system yesterday. Good luck trying to run that outside the last two minutes of a half.

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  15. Doomsday101

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    I agree and kids where also allowed to transfer out because of the sanctions and many did.
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    Dang you guys hopped all over the OP on this one. I for one, at least thought it was a thought provoking post, if nothing else.
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  18. Doomsday101

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    Not jumping on him only pointing out some key points.
  19. erod

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    This is such a stupid, overplayed waste of consideration.

    It's about players, and USC is WAY low on NFL talent these days, while Oregon is stocked.

    Kiffin was trying to help out his idiot son.
  20. Wheeltax

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    Yeah. As a UT fan, don't get me started about Lane Kiffin.

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