Chris Canty stood up Flozell and drove him back a few steps

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KWMIKE, Jul 30, 2005.


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    As noted by 50cents. I am very excited by Canty.
  2. dargonking999

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    i thought canty couldnt participate in contact drills???
  3. Mr Cowboy

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    This from DC.Com............

    So why is it that Canty was out there practicing today?

    Any Idea Mr. Peters? Is he still tarveling to NC for an exam?
  4. Nors

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    Flo felt the contact. Canty is a 6-7 290 pound BEAST. Athletic, coached by Groh and 3-4 schooled. If he's ready upfront we hit a home run on Canty.
  5. Drederick Tatum

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    I am very happy about this. If Shawn Merriman does this to him I am gonna to be pissed!
  6. dargonking999

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    if he even gets on the field, the guy has to sign first....unlike our guy you know the one we selected over merriman, yea he's gonna be here tommorow, oh dont i like this draft even more.
  7. jksmith269

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    Thats if Ferriman ooops I mean merriman gets signed
  8. smashmouth

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    What's the rest of it, did he get a sack or what did he do?
  9. JonJon

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    I don't know whether to be happy that Chris Canty stood up Flozell and drove him back a few steps, or sad that Chris Canty stood up Flozell and drove him back a few steps
  10. lane

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    priceless! :)
  11. Hostile

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    Couldn't agree with you more.

    Don't faint. :grin:
  12. BEASToftheEAST

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    Was this in pass protection? If so, it sounds to me like the kid got blocked...
  13. LaTunaNostra

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    All props to Canty, but something tells me a man as wise as Flo didn't exactly run it on all cylinders vs a one-eyed kid not yet cleared for full contact.

    We'll see next week who eats Flo's lunch or not.
  14. followthestar

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    these rookies will put some heat on the veterans, and let Flo get beat even once, i submit that he will not take it lightly. these guys are all competitors. still, i have to think that as good as Canty is, Flo was taking it light on him for the first couple snaps. the guy is coming off two different surgeries and i'm really not worried about either one of them. as Parcells knows, Adams can be dominant when he chooses to be, i don't care who's on the other side. still, Canty will push him and that's all for the good... i predict the first fight will break out when some dumba@@ decides to headslap Canty...
  15. Nors

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    Flo taking it light? I don't buy it. Spears and Canty are big, fast, strong, young studs coming at him. Something he has never faced in prior training camps here...
  16. Bizwah

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    Right now, Canty is listed at 279. A little light in the pants, IMO. I know he'll probably add a little more weight to his frame......he certainly has the frame to do it.

    I wonder how big he can get? Julius Peppers is about 300 pounds. He carries it well. From the looks of him, Canty could easily carry 300 pounds.
  17. Nors

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    Canty Played at 290 at UVA

    I'll wait to see the pics are posted before I start comparing him to last years starters.
  18. Crown Royal

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    HAHAHA!! Exactly what I was thinking.
  19. trickblue

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    Canty may well be the steal of this draft...

    I have no problem taking a chance on this kid as he isn't a bad character guy...

    He is a first round talent should he fully recover...
  20. big dog cowboy

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    Now there is the sad truth.

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