News: Chris Meyers, Bryan Cox and Chris Landry on Fox Sports

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    Driving home today listening to Fox Sports Network on XM Satellite, I caught Chris Meyers and Bryan Cox's Show. They had their "Super Scout" Chris Landry in answering callers Questions. The first call I heard was a guy asking them how they think Dallas will do this year and did they address their shortcomings on offense.

    All agreed that they could see Dallas winning 10 games and getting a wild card spot in the NFC. Bryan believes Dallas will finish behind the Eagles. He said the first half of the year will be tough adjusting to the new defense. He expects them to get better toward the middle of the year and finish real strong. His biggest concern was on offense, specifically on the O-Line. He feels that if the O-Line does not play well, that there will be alot of problems.

    They all sounded very positive about the Cowboys season and expect them to be in he playoff hunt all year.

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