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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BHendri5, Mar 24, 2006.

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    I know a lot of you do not like this guy, and you disregard anything that he says, especially when it has to do with the Boys.

    I can take him or leave him, Personally I only believe maybe half of what the media says, I always wait, the truth will come out sooner or later. Are Mort and Parcells good friends?

    There is one thing that Mort said was true, and every fan needs to finally get this and stop thinking the opposite.

    When Mort said that Jerry wears you down until he gets what he wants, that is true.

    Jerry is the owner and the GM, he can and he does whatever he wants, the only thing that is different now like it was back when Jimmy was here, he listens to what Parcells has to say and he really takes it into account, but when he wants something he will do it because he can.
    Parcells can churn the bottom and the lesser of the middle part of the roster, but the upper and the top of the roster Parcells cannot do anything without Jerry's being onboard with it.
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    I think Jerry has done a fine job of not be a dictator, and listening to parcells and taking his advice. The last 2 drafts were parcells drafts. Last offseason jerry open's the wallet and spends 30 million in one day. Parcells must realize he has a boss as well. I'm sure mortensen was referring to the T.O. signing. All i can say is this, when their's an opportunity to sign an elite player you go for it. Parcells job is to coach the team. I'm sure will find out once parcells exits if he was really on board with bringing in T.O...... i THINK HE WAS. Parcells needed a playmaker at WR, and jerry got him one. He should be thankful if you ask me, because at his prior stops he wasnt given as much leeway in handling the personnel decisions.
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    Then why was Mort the one (along with Peter King) back in November saying TO would end up here? Because their good buddy Parcells told them so, that is how. Bill has eyed this guy all along, and it is just as much his call to have him here now as it is Jerry's.
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    You know it really cracks me up how people claim to know what goes on, when they have never been in a meeting, or had anything to do with one.

    I just think it is pretty funny stuff.

    Why don't you just take Jerry's word for how the process works. He explained it in great detail.

    All decisions are talked about, discussed, the pros and cons are weighed. Then they vote, all parties involved.

    If there is a tie Jerry will break the tie.

    If someone says that is not how it is, please offer proof as to why it is not.
  5. doomsday81

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    One thing about Mort: like him or not, he does have by far the most contacts of any "insider" in the business. A lot of times if a team, player or agent wants to leak something to the public, Mort is the guy they call. He's not always right but he has a pretty cool gig in my opinion. I'll tell you one thing, I would like to get a look at the list of phone numbers he has on his cell phone.
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    I think alot of people like Mort, but starting a speculatory interview with "I haven't actually talked to anyone about this, but here's what I think happened.." ? Comeon....any one of us could do that.
  7. doomsday81

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    Come on my friend, you are using an isolated example. I think Mort has broken quit a few more stories than anybody on this board. Can a lot of people do his job? Probably but you know what? He's the one who has it so you can't hate him for that. Out of all the guys who do what he does, he has the most contacts with NFL teams by far. That's all I'm saying.

    And people watch to see what he thinks is going on. A lot of times he's giving us his opinion. That's what ESPN pays him to do. No one in the big picture really gives a damn what Bob Jones from Cowboys Zone has to say about it. He's not a journalist, he's an insider. There is a big difference between the two.
  8. superpunk

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    I'm just saying - he's like anyone. Your post seemed directed at some of the angst over him today, and that's what I was addressing. I like the guy. But once you start making **** up, you get called on it. But mostly, he's pretty great.

    BARRYRAY Well-Known Member

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    I think Jerry is a great owner, he has stepped up consistently and worked with BP, he has plugged alot of the holes this year in FA and the draft is still to come, also don't forget the June cuts we might snag another center and maybe a back up FS/nickel guy, its happened before. Honestly TO may end up crashing but he was the most exciting player in FA, he is a difference maker, somebody we haven't seen the likes of in awhile, hey in our darkest days we had the likes of Eddie George. I think we really had two bad luck things last year that doomed us, Flo went down and Dat in the middle and the rest of the lb core cratered, I think that the switch to 3-4 puts a real drain on lbs in genral, think that when its all said and done we take a lb or two, and maybe another nose guy, it is probably our newest weakest link, if Ferge goes down it could be Flo all over again...
  10. Paniolo22

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    I really disagree with this. This was a HUGE move for the organization, and if you think Parcells didn't have a say, or was worn down by Jerry, or gave in some how, I would be really skeptical.
  11. dbair1967

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    I still cant understand it folks...three+ years of track record now, BILL PARCELLS OKS EVERY MOVE THIS TEAM MAKES, every single one of them...draft, free agency, coaching staff and probably who the ball boys are

    Jones has even admitted the idea was broached about Owens LAST YEAR when the trouble with Philly started, so if Parcells DIDNT WANT TO COACH HIM, he could have easily walked away and told Jerry to get someone else to coach the team after the season was wasnt like the idea about Owens was brought up a couple weeks ago, and Jones "wore Parcells down"

    Parcells wanted Owens here because he thinks 1) he knows Owens works hard and that Owens can make the offense better and 2) because he thinks he can handle him

    some media just want to keep throwing it out there about this "great divide" between Jones and Parcells because like a certain poster I never see here anymore, if you throw enough darts at the board, eventually one sticks

  12. burmafrd

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    BP only lets out exactly what he wants out; Mort is certainly not a close friend like Bobby Knight- who is probably one of the two or three that BP REALLY talks to. SO when Mort tries this "I know what BP is thinking BS"
    everyone should know that Mort really means is"I got nothing so I will toss this out there to make people think I know something".
  13. dbair1967

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    yep...agree 100%

  14. AmishCowboy

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    The only one I can think of is the Peerless Price Deal, Didn't Bill say he had no use for him and Jerry signed him anyway. Possibly the same with Anthony Thomas. Parcells barely used either one.
  15. Jay

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    I personally think that if Parcells wasn't on board for this signing, he would have quit. He wants to win, and TO gives us the best chance to win it all. No one can deny that.
  16. big dog cowboy

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    Mort = ESPN tool.
  17. skinsscalper

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    I'm not sure if Mort was the first one to actually break the story or not, but I remember him reporting that BP and Jerry were on a plane on the Jersey tarmac two weeks before our season ended. Lo and behold guess who was our next coach......?

    Mort may not be 100 % correct on his speculations 100% of the time but, he's not too damn bad. He's right a hell of a lot more often than he's wrong.

  18. dcfanatic

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    Mort is a 'friend' of Parcells because they worked together at ESPN back in the day.

    Mort is just like all the other 'Insiders' who just keep putting 50 stories out a week as speculation and then eventually a few of them come true.

    They all have their sources, but in the end they 'know' what is going to happen when the teams want the world to know what their move will be.
  19. tyke1doe

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    It's a give-and-take relationship.

    Don't think for a moment teams and sources don't use Mort as much as they use him.

    Ever heard the term "floating a trial ballon"?

    This happens often in the world of media, particularly sports media.

    And let's not just consider contacts with coaches, but contacts with secretaries, agents and people inside the NFL or a team's complex.

    Somebody has to fax that deal to the league office.

    Someone has to book the flight itinerary for a possible visit.

    Somebody sees ex-coach or potential free agent signee leave Jerry Jones' office.

    There are a lot of people who like to consider themselves "in the know" who could be possible sources.

    And when your name is as big as Chris Mortensen's, people like to think they're the ones furnishing you with information.
  20. tyke1doe

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    He wasn't. In fact, he and ESPN were "pissed" because CBS broke the story first, especially given the fact that Parcells worked for ESPN.

    Mort came back with a more complete story, but he didn't break it.

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