Chris Ransom’s Top 10 Centers for 2012

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    Ohio State center Michael Brewster is considered the top center prospect in 2012.
    1. Michael Brewster Center Ohio State Michael Brewster has all the tools as a center prospect to be a better center than either of the Pouncey brothers. Brewster is one of the more complete players in this draft. He is no doubt better at center than Mike Pouncey and may even be better than Maurkice Pouncey when it comes to upside and long term potential. The team that drafts Brewster is landing a pro bowl center for the next decade.
    Projected Round 1st Round

    2. William Vlachos Center Alabama Vlachos has the elite blocking strength and durability that a center needs. Vlachos lacks the size at center which is why Vlachos is a starter at best who won’t take that next step as a pro bowl center.

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