Chris Ransom’s Top 20 Offensive Tackles for 2012

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    USC Left Tackle Matt Kalil may be the top offensive tackle that gets drafted. Will he have the best career among the offensive tackles when the 2012 NFL Draft ends 5 years from now?

    1. Matt Kalil Offensive Tackle USC Before I go in depth into why I believe Kalil will be a bust in this draft, let me start off by saying offensive line is one of my positions that I’m excellent at evaluating. When evaluating the last 20 offensive lineman drafted dating back to 2004 who got selected in the first round, the only offensive tackle who’s career I failed to predict correct was Chris Williams the 2008 first round pick from Vanderbilt. I thought Williams would be a pro bowler who competes with Ryan Clady and Jake Long for the right to be the top left tackle in the 2008 NFL Draft, but now he looks like a backup at best. I saw Joe Thomas in a SI magazine before his senior year at Wisconsin and got the idea that he would be a top 5 left tackle after his second year in the league having a major impact as a rookie. That’s exactly what happened with Joe Thomas.

    Now that I got that out of the way I want to say that I believe Matt Kalil has a strong chance of being the top 5 pick in 2012 with the greatest chance of being a major bust. Matt Kalil was 6 foot 6 284 pounds straight out of high school. He is now a junior redshirt and has only put on 9 pounds since weighing in at 6 foot 6 293 pounds. The weight would not be an issue if he ran a 40 time under 5 seconds because that would prove that Kalil has outstanding footwork, but he projects to run a 40 time over 5 seconds at the moment which causes grave concern if you ask me.

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