Christmas is over....!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 5Stars, Dec 26, 2006.

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    I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, besides the Cowboy loss...

    After the game last night, my brother who lives in Dallas and HATES the Cowboys, called usual after a loss like this.

    So, he's rubbing my face in this loss, calling Romo and T.O. and the Cowboys everything except a white man! He is letting me have it!

    I'm laughing and smiling at everything he's saying...I'm telling him, "brother, hate them more! It makes me strong..."! He goes on and on about Parcells and how the Cowboys stink, they are losers, Romo is nothing...T.O. is nothing...the Cowboys suck...on and on and on...!


    He tells me how much better the eagles are, and that the Cowboys are nothing but a bunch of bums! He keeps me on the phone for at least 2 or 3 minutes talking about how the Cowboys suck...!

    Finally, after he got it all out of his system, I told him...

    "Brother, the Cowboys are America's Team! They are already in the big deal, brother! The only reason that the Cowboys lost tonight was because...since they are America's Team...they gave all of America a Christmas present...they gave the losers in America a Christmas present! See, brother, that's what a successful team does...a team with 5 Superbowls, brother, 5 SuperBowls...they gave this game to America, and to you too, my brother Merry Christmas"!

    He hung up on me...!


    :star: It's all good...yes it is!
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    I feel so much better now.
  3. Wrangler87

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    Till I get to work tomorrow.

    Funny thing is, when the Cowboys win, no one says a word to me about them. They never even mention the game. But, when the Cowboys lose, they are climbbing all over each other to be the first person to see me, as I walk in the door.
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    Sorry about the phone call.

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