Christmas, the time of giving and receiving.

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    What are you giving to the people whom are closest to you, and what do you hope to receive.

    My dad X-Mas eve is also his birthday so we brought him to a expensive restaurant today and tomorrow we got him his favorite bottle of cologne.

    mom, $100 dollar gift card to macys and a manicure and pedicure at her favorite place.

    brother, a onion (literally a onion, his nickname is Onion, because he is a OT/DT) , a NYG mug (he is a rotten NYG fan)

    Girlfriend, a pretty expensive necklace over $100.

    hope to get Assassins Creed II, Dragon Age Origins and iPod Dock. (Jerseys my parents are giving each me and my brother $200 dollars to spend online for Jerseys since you can get them on ebay for half the price of the stores and therefor more jerseys)


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