News: CHRON: Kubiak may have seen this coming

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    Sept. 27, 2010, 12:34AM

    The week began with Texans coach Gary Kubiak in a bad mood. At Wednesday’s practice, he seemed to be chewing out someone every five minutes.

    In his five seasons with the Texans, he has gone entire months without raising his voice as many times as he did in one practice.

    Was it that lousy? Or was Kubiak doing his best to guard against a letdown? Had he seen the future? Turns out he had. More on that later.

    The Texans were fresh off an emotionally draining, physically exhausting road victory over the Redskins, and right there in the NFL coaching manual, it says the next game is one that only elite teams win.

    If the Texans found a way, it would speak volumes about their toughness and maturity. That they were playing a winless opponent, a desperate opponent, only made the challenge more difficult.

    In the NFL, desperation is an amazing motivator. One team had it Sunday afternoon at Reliant Stadium, and it wasn’t the Texans.

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    I'd like to remind the Chron that the Dallas Cowboys are a far more talented team than the Texans. If both teams played to the best of their abilities w/o mistakes, I'd ride Dallas all the way to bank. :cool:
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    Weird to see a tone like this after a loss, from a local Texas writer. Not sure what to make of it.
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    Sorry - can't tell me the Texans weren't motivated to beat the Cowboys big time.

    The Boys are just a better team when they as well are playing motivated.

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