News: Chron: Meredith was an institution to so many

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    I was a huge Don Meredith fan. I grew up watching players like Meredith, Bob Lilly, Don Perkins, Jerry Tubbs, Bob Hayes and Mel Renfro -- among many others -- grow from a winless expansion team into a perennial playoff team and an eventual Super Bowl champion.

    After a terrific playing career in which he was often beaten to a pulp but always bounced back up for more, Meredith retired at 31 and then captivated America on Monday Night Football. From it's inception - and as long as Meredith and Howard Cosell were in the booth -- it was must-see TV.

    After a while, Meredith just vanished. He gave it all up and moved to Santa Fe and then traveled the world with his wife. He didn't make public appearances and didn't do interviews. He wasn't reclusive. He just put that part of his life behind him and wanted to enjoy as much as he could for as long as he could.

    Recently, though, he knew he was ill, and he granted a few interviews, and he was hilarious as always.

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    Nice read. Thanks.

    I think last year there was some sort of roast or tribute to Meredith in Dallas and he was unable to come because he was ill. All his old Cowboy friends were there though.

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