Chuck Berry passed away

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    I have no prob giving others the title of king when it comes to rock n roll. Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc. And others that changed music and gave it a force that was energetic and fun. The early pioneers were the forefathers who wrote the constitution on which our rock n roll democracy was founded on.
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    True... There was a collection of individuals who deserve credit for changing music.

    I don't think Bill Haley gets enough credit for having the first #1 R&R song in the country and "The Crows" for having what many believe to be the first R&R song to gain some level of popularity.
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    Really love that kind of music. And you are right Michael. Billy Haley does not get enough credit as well as respect for his first rock and roll hit of all time. That started the craze.
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    The second he died every other musician got to move up a notch.

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    Ya Bill Haley, should have put him on list.
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    Could have sworn I already posted in this thread, but Rest In Peace Mr. Berry, big fan of real music and he was a big reason I tried to play guitar. Legend no doubt one of the most talented ever, and an innovator.

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    Hey Had a good run......

    RIP Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry
    (October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017)

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