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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Fairbanks, as you probably know, is a long-time buddy of Parcells and is at camp every year to help Parcells evaluate everything. He's a regular on the ESPN training camp show at 6:00, and tonight he was saying that he was really high on Pat Watkins. Said he's never seen a safety that tall, but one of the tallest ones he ever had was a very good player for the Cowboys for a while... Randy Hughes. Though Hughes was "only" about 6-3. ;)

    But he said Watkins was *really* fast and could cover ground like no safety the Cowboys have had for a while... Said he's really that centerfielder type that can go get the ball in the air. And he said Watkins looks skinny, but he's 211 lbs, so he's not really small, just thin. He thinks Watkins will eventually play at 220 or so.

    Also, interestingly, Fairbanks said he didn't care about "prototypes" as regards size... Just production. So that's different than Parcells. But just by the tone of his voice, I got the idea that he was really excited about this kid.

    He also said he thought Romo had what it took to be a good QB. Said he'd be surprised if Romo weren't a player for the Cowboys.

    There were also interviews with Petitti and Bradie James.

    If I knew how to upload the whole show, I would. I did record it, but I don't know how to use those free file sharing thingies. :)
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    Every report the last 2 days mentions Watkins picking off passes. He has to be opening some eyes.
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    if you are a member of on there and ask for theebs or tek...they could probly help you out with uploading the video
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    all the good reports about Watkins has to make Roy Williams a very happy camper, no pun intended. Maybe this is why they didn't persue Jackson too aggressively. Hopefully this kid will end up being the "steal" of the draft.
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    Interesting, Hughes actually played for Fairbanks at Oklahoma I believe. He did play for the Cowboys but a bum shoulder finally did him in. I'm liking this Watkins more and more.
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    This is great news about Watkins. Almost everyone in here wanted him with a day one pick. To get him when we did is indeed a 'steal' in my book.
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    Exactly... Sorry I didn't communicate that better.

    BTW, Fairbanks said Parcells used to go down to OU when he was there and Bill bugged him all the time about giving him a job... But Chuck never would. :D

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