Clabo signs with Dolphins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheSport78, May 5, 2013.


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    Yes. The secret to this "improvement" some people talk about is that the offensive line was historically bad for most of the season. So when guys actually have a decent game or two down the stretch, it's seen as "improvement". We heard the same thing coming into last season about the 2011 line.
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    That's a maddeningly low number.The Clabo contract, that is.
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    What concerns? And how did they end up being warranted when he made the pro bowl that year?
    You would have lost that same bet with Waters. If you're a fan of Doug Free's work just say it.
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    you 1000% right, they went from horrible to bad
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    Garrett calls plays like they are the 90s Cowboys line so that doesn't help a whole lot either.
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    Well, according to some on this board (you included), everybody wants to play here, so if we don't sign them, it was our choice not theirs.
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    $3.5m for Clabo, $1.5 guaranteed... I'll console myself in the Penguins & Thunder playoff victories

    The Cowboys have dropped the ball...big time.
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    Good thing I have Cinco De Mayo as an excuse to drown my sorrows with Jose Cuervo.
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    Please show me where I have ever said that or anything remotely close to it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It would be interesting to see what were the Cowboys actions leading to Clabo signing with Miami, that's if Cowboy were truly interested in signing Clabo and if some one from the front office even want address it at all. Until then all we can do is speculate.
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    I can only interpret Clabo signing with the Dolphins for the dollars listed as proof that:

    1. Jerry doesn't know how to find value since he is paying more than that for Bernadeau, Livings and Free.

    2. We must not be that interested in him since that is well within our available cap space at the moment.

    3. They must have only been interviewing Clabo for consideration of a backup role as a swing tackle if they weren't willing to pay him $3.5M with $1.5M guaranteed over a single year. That means they seem to think that Parnell would be the starter even if we signed Clabo.

    In all honesty, if given the choice between Brandon Moore or Tyson Clabo to improve this team I would go with Moore.

    I hope now that the Clabo distraction is gone they get to work on bringing Brandon Moore into the fold. If we could get him I can envision this group being above average next year:

    Smith Moore Costa Frederick Parnell

    An alternative would be to put Frederick at Center and make a competition at RG from the other interior OL:

    Smith Moore Frederick Bern/Costa/Leary Parnell

    I do know this - if Parnell struggles and Clabo plays well Jerry is going to get roasted in the media for his choice.
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    And sooo, what ever happened to Jerry telling everyone after the draft he was urgent to have The Free "situation" resolved - sooner rather than later !!! Seams to me they have sat on their hands again. And through incompatence now have little to no options.
    Now Jerry loves to tell us how smart he is and they look through all senarios to figure things out. How is it year after year we have to sit through this same thing.
    I, like a lot of people here love this team, but the front office is so frickin infuriating some times !
    We hated the cheap guards he picked last year, that blew up in his face. He talks about protecting Romo and giving him more input and weapons. Well, I like alot of others believe we will trot out the same 2 RTs as last year - and how can you expect differant results. Frederick will help, but again the 2 guards and RT the same as last year - do not bode well for the results to be significantly better ! It is eternally frustrating !!!
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    Good points, and the Cowboys never handed in Livings' re-structured contract to the league, so it's essentially a wash if we let him go.

    I'd cut Free or keep him at a reduced salary and have him compete with Parnell in camp; cut Livings and sign Brandon Moore to play RG.

    I'd rather have the veteran in Moore be right beside Parnell, to help with line calls and so forth.

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    I typically agree with this, that you can't blame a team too much for a FA going somewhere else because there are so many factors that go into a player's decision to sign with a team or not.

    I will say this though, the one thing you can't criticize Jerry for is 'getting his man.' When he really likes a player, be it FA, trade or draft, he will move heaven and earth to get him, and he is successful more than he is not (for better or worse).

    The fact that we heard absolutely no noise regarding interest in Clabo, and that he signed for a very cheap 1 year deal in MIA, I think is a pretty strong indication there was no real interest there. Jerry could have very easily topped a $3.5M deal and laid on the charm, and Clabo would still represent significant value compared to the dumpster diving of last year even at a couple of mil more.

    This deal completely points to the team willing to give another year to Free/Parnell, despite their shortcomings.
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    3.5M for a starting RT? Cowboys would have made it work if Clabo was a receiver.
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    At least the older guy is stopping the gap and not BEING one.
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    This is spot on. Been thinking this from the moment the draft was over because Jerry never even brought Clabo or Winston in for a visit. Welcome to the Parnell era...
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    So very well said!

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    Agree, except switch sides with Moore and Frederick. Fred played LG in college and Moore played RG for the Jets.

    Having Moore next to the inexperienced Parnell would be great. Moore is a veteran RG that is an expert in Callahan's system.
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    lol wow, 16 pages on a guy the Cowboys clearly weren't that interested in, seeing that they didn't even bring him in for a visit... You would've thought we were so close to signing Clabo with the amount of posts.

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