Claiborne 5 Penalties

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by viman96, Nov 11, 2012.

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    He has been okay but not great. He has not been the best CB in this class.

    IMO, he lacks top end speed and closing speed. He is very lackadaisical in the way he plays those WR screens and has given up lots of yardage on those plays this year. I have not yet seen the ball skills he is alleged to have.

    I basically see a guy who looks like he is a definite notch below TNew. That is not terrible but also not worth trading up into the top 10.

    My suggestion long ago was to drop down in that draft and take Casey Heyward in the second round. We probably could have gotten Spencer's replacement in the late first plus Heyward and still have had our second rounder.

    I've said it from the beginning that if he is the next Champ Bailey then the FO will be vindicated but I have seen little to suggest he is going to be an All-Pro CB in his first nine games.
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    QFT and Mo was Jacques Reevesian today.
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    Thats what i am thinking, and im just wondering if today was more on the refs calling a tighter game than usual because the same penalty was called on scandrick. In addition, the db's are coached to do a lot of pressing which is going to get you tangled up a bit with the wr sometimes.
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    WE have a winner

    sorry would rather gave a G gor C


    • Hayward tied for the NFL lead among all players in October with four interceptions (New York Giants’ STEVIE BROWN).
    • All four of Hayward’s interceptions occurred in three consecutive games and he became the first Packers rookie to intercept four passes in a three-game span since 1984 (TOM FLYNN).
    • He recorded his first career interception in Week 5 at Indianapolis. The next week at Houston, he had a career-best two interceptions. In Week 7 at St. Louis, he made his first career start and had his fourth interception.
    • Hayward’s four interceptions are tied for the third-most in the NFL this season and the most among rookies. He is the only player in the league with four interceptions on the road.
    • In addition to his four interceptions, he recorded 13 tackles and five passes defensed in October.
    not getting called for penalirties
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    take a big drink of coolaid

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