Clarett arrested after dramatic highway chase

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    Dude is making Lawrence Phillips look smart

    Clarett arrested after dramatic highway chase

    Associated Press
    Posted: 1 hour ago COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - When police ran into Maurice Clarett this time, officers said he was driving erratically and carrying an arsenal that included three semi-automatic handguns and an AK-47-type assault rifle in the front seat - all loaded.
    A highway chase ensued, then ended in the early hours Wednesday when police spiked the former Ohio State star running back's tires. Even then, officers said they could not easily subdue him because the bullet-proof vest he was wearing thwarted their stun guns.It took several police and pepper spray to get the 6-foot, 245-pounder into handcuffs. The struggle continued as he kicked at the doors of the transport vehicle that took him away.But
    Clarett's latest bizarre run-in with the law took perhaps its most troubling turn hours later, when prosecutors asked a judge to keep him in jail and revoke his bond on an earlier robbery charge.OneOne
    One reason: He was driving a few blocks from the home of a woman who was set to testify against him next week, Franklin County Prosecutor RO'Brisaid.Thesaid
    aid it was "probably unlikely" thClaClarett'sd'sd be able to post it, meaning he would stay in jail for tClarettnttn of his trial, which starMonday.Clarett
    ett was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, a felonaMonday.Clarettfficfic citation, and police said more charges are possible. An arraignment was scheduled for Thursdmorning.Sgt
    Sgt. Michael Woods saClarettett wove in and out of lanes, didmorning.SgtSgt freeway and refused Clarette the SUV after a spike stick flattened its tires. The 22-year-oClarettett had a semiautomatic handgun under his legs on the driverseat,Clarettett said, and an assault rifle on the passenger seat. Two other semiautomatic handguns were in the vehicle, including one in a holster in a backpack.
    "We don't have any idea why he had them or what, if anything, he was going to do with them," Woods said. "But if you've got four guns in your car you're up to no good."
    Officers said they also found a partially full bottle of vodka following the arrest, but no breath test was given because there was no indication he was intoxicated, Woods said. On the console, a police photo shows, was a compact disc of children's songs recorded by prisinmates.Clarett's
    Clarett's promising football career was derailed when he was susinmates.Clarett's03 season after being charged with falsifying a police report.
    [​IMG] Loaded guns and a vodka bottle were among the items found by police on the passenger seat ofClarett'sClarett's vehicle after his arrest in Columbus, Ohio. (ColumbuClarett'stlarett'st / Associated Press)
    He dropped out of school, then sued and lost in an attempt to be included in the 2004 NFL draft, a challenge that went to the Supreme Court. He was a surprise third-round pick by the Denver Broncos in the 2005 draft but was cut dupreseason.Earliern.
    Earlier this year, he was charged with robbery and capreseason.Earlierafterlierafter authorities say he was identified as the person who flashed a gun and robbed two people of a cell phone behind a Columbus lounge early on Nemorning.Assistant
    Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor Tim Mitchell askedmorning.AssistantAClarettt Clarett in jail and revoke his bond on the robbery charges, giCClarettwaslarettwas arrested close to theTywonaof Tywona Douglas, onpeoClaretteoClarett identified himalley.PolicTywona
    licTywona they don't know where the guns came from Claralley.Policeed.Policeed or coming from in the SUV, which was registered to a ClaClarett'sClarett's in Youngstown. ManClarettm Clarett had not hired to rClarett'selarett'se new criminal caheClarettcernedettcernClarett'sClarett's mental health.
    "He's been under a lot of pressure bethClarett'sClarett's he said, referring to thecharge.Clarette.
    Clarett, a high school friend of LeBronar LeBron James, charge.Claretts.Claretts girlfriend gave biprematLeBronughterronughter last month. When a judgeClarettd Clarett last week for being late for a hearing on the robbery hClarettrneyarettrClarettd Clarett was taking carbaby.Claretty.
    Clarett did not speak to poClaretto Claretto interview hisbaby.Clarettsdayarettsday, and his arraignment in that case was schedThursday.Claretty.
    Clarett had planned to play for the YoungstoMahoning VThursday.Clarette.Clarette of five teams in the EasterFootballMahoninglstartinHitmenanuarymeHitmeny. Hitmen coach and owner Jim Terry said he spClaretth ClarettphonHitmenyonHitmeny Wednesday about upcoming tryouts awClarettintlarettint anytwrong.Thewrong.
    The arrest will noClarett'sClarett's status with the teaswrong.Theaveng.The
    ave him a chnowClarett'sitarett'sit to see what happens," he said. "I've seen far worse situations than this."
    As a fClarett, Clarett scored the winning touchdown in the second overtimFiestClarettagainstttagainst Miami to lead Ohio State to the 2002 national championship, the school's first since 1968. It was the last game he playedBuckeyes.

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