Clarifying My Stance on Tony Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Aug 16, 2005.

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    I knew that my saying something good about Drew Henson from Saturday would upset some folks. I had no idea it would nearly cause mass suicide.


    I did not mean to imply (as some seem to think) that Tony Romo is a bust. My observation was that he threw almost all soft passes and that when he threw it hard there was a noticable difference between him and the other 2 QBs. I stand by that.

    Donovan McNabb is often bashed on this site for throwing all dump off passes or lob passes. The general opinion is that when he has to gas it he loses accuracy and becomes a liability. I have not pushed this theory here because I happen to like McNabb a bit. That's my opinion and I have a right to express it. I see the exact same tendency in Romo, but with less zip on the ball. This concerns me.

    Understand that I am very opinionated on QBs. I want a QB who can do it all. Obviously, at this point I do not know that either of our young guns can or cannot fit this hope of mine. As it stands right now, based solely on what I saw with my own eyes, one of them can. I am truly sorry if that opinion hurts someone's feelings.

    I feel that over the course of my battles on QBs I have been pretty consistent with my praise and my criticisms. Am I picky? Of course I am.

    I wondered if my opinion was too harsh given the reactions. I did my best to explain why I was not impressed by an 8 out of 10 performance. It fell on deaf ears. In truth I wasn't that surprised, but it clearly went further than I expected.

    I decided to seek an opinion from someone I respect very much on whether I was being rash on his arm strength. This is my question to him. Understand he is a journalist who sometimes reads this site, but whose opinion I value.

    "At the game in warmups and in the game I was not impressed with Tony Romo's arm. His accuracy was good, but the velocity was poor.

    You've seen more of him than I have. Am I off base?"

    This is his answer.

    "Yeah I've never really thought Romo's arm was his strong point. I mean, there were reasons he went undrafted. I think he tries to make up for it with craftiness and "moxie" as they say, but who knows if it'll work."

    Now, I know some people are going to scream "mediot" and some may even claim I respect him because he shares my agenda. I can't govern the reactions. I just thought I'd share with you what he felt since he was not part of the "conspiracy trio to slight Tony Romo." He did not attend the game with us or the guys from He's seen more of him than all of us have.

    I do not have an agenda against Tony Romo. If he sticks around that's great. If he ends up cut at some point I believe it will be exactly for the reasons I stated. It is simply too hard to hide flaws in the NFL. Having said that I wish him well the rest of this year. I am rooting for him.

    Even when critical of a player I still root for them as long as they wear this uniform. That will never change. I wish I felt that some who were critical of my agenda the last few days held the same view. I'd be less than honest if I said I think they want Drew Henson to succeed. I don't believe they do. Too much has been said by them to ever make me think otherwise.
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    Romo hater.
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    Aww heck, buddy. Remember the old saying.. You can please some of the people some of the time....

    You don't have to explain yourself or your opinion.

    (Romo rules!!)

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again... if Romo wants to be a starter in the NFL (with any team), he needs to study Troy Aikman's playing days... now Troy had a stronger arm than Romo, but he thrived on accuracy... Romo needs to have a completion % in the high sixties if he's going to win ball games. He's getting there, and he can do it, but it'll take a whole helluva lot of work.
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    That's news to me. I always thought he made alot of short passes because the Eagles are WCO. I've seen McNabb air it out, and he can throw a deep ball. God knows he's done it to Dallas plenty. Now as far as running out of gas in general with Mcnabb, you may be on to something (complimentary Superbowl reference).

    Anyway, I hate to interfere with another Romo / Henson thread, so have at it.
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    I think most of us understood where you were coming from, Hos.

    But I'm glad you posted this anyway. Not because I think anyone will benefit from the clarification. But because I'm looking forward to the fireworks. :wink3:
  7. WoodysGirl

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    ;) :D
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    You hit it....

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    after absolute dog crap QB play for the past 5 years, you'd think Dallas fans would really be behind this guy, but as you say, some arnt

    wonder what would happen if he turned into a pro bowl calibar starter in the not so distant future...we'd probably be seeing post after post from his current detractors saying they knew he'd be good all along

    personally I still think he is going to be a good starter (I didnt say all-pro, maybe he will maybe he wont, but good is what I believe) though I dont know if it will be with Parcells, nor do I know if it'll even be here with the Cowboys...I do firmly believe he'll be good though...IMO the current coaching staff is not conducive to developing a QB

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    Everyone has a bias. It doesn't necessarily mean that one has an agenda. I won't name names.
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    Good job.

    The secret spin meeting will be at Adbutcher's next Sunday in preperation for MNF. I'll bring the chips, you supply the dip.
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    The only problem that I have with either side of the issue is that people are taking what other posters say about one of the QB's and having to argue with them regardless if they are right or's just plain stupid.

    About the Arm strength issue....sorry, but there are PLENTY of HoF QB's that had questionable arm strength. Will Romo ever make it? Who knows. If the name on his back said "Montana" would the feelings of people here remain the same? Don't tell me Montana had superior arm strength....cuz we all know he didn't.

    I don't see a problem with people disagreeing with each other. Only when they don't take what they other says objectively. They are seeing the poster instead of the post.

    Throw out what you think about the poster and just think about what was would cause the "I hate Henson/Romo" glasses to come off a little bit.

    (This isn't directed directly at you Hos, but everyone involved in this issue.)
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    You are not fooling me you Romo Hater!! :p:
  14. Yeagermeister

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    Stir that pot :laugh2:
  15. WoodysGirl

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    Should I change from Lightning Mod to Instigator??? :p:
  16. LaTunaNostra

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    Quarterbacks with less than roundhouse arms can and do succeed in the NFL. Some as accomplished as Montana and many others with enough right ingredients to compensate for their lack of arm strength.

    I don't really have a good enough sense of Tony's arm strength yet (kinda surprisingly, having seen all the preseason games last year and two in 03), to rate it Penningtonesqye, is it Dilferesque? Just haven't seen him attempt enough different kind of passes and see some of them fail due to lack of zip or distance to know.

    Last Saturday night TR did a lot of "lobbing", but Bill calls the plays and I am wondering if Rono's sets weren't as limited by design as Bledsoe's were.

    One thing I love about Tony is that nifty footwork..that one aspect will make or break his game more than arm strength, imo. He isn't cut out to be a Kerry Collins, Vinny T, or Drew Bledsoe, but a systems QB, I think.

    He could end up a very good one, and his feet are the reason why.
  17. Outlaw Heroes

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    And if Romo were being asked to run a variation of the WCO, as Montana did (or Gannon, or McNabb, or Garcia, or most of the other guys who have done well with a pop-gun arm) it wouldn't be as much of an issue, I suppose.

    Given that, I think the better argument, and some are making it, is that Romo does, in fact, have a strong arm and his combine results prove it. I'm tempted to buy that argument, though I'd like to see that 57 mph throw actually show up in a game.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    I wouldn't accuse your observations as being a Romo hater. But I also look at the collection of QB's who have won in this league, and I'm talking about winning at the highest levels including Superbowls, and I don't see just one style. Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Joe Theisman, Bob Griese, Bret Favre, Roger Staubach, Jim Plunket, Kurt Warner, Warren Moon ... winning QB's come in all shapes, sizes, arms and backgrounds. Franchise QB's do not come from a cookie cutter mold. Its nice to want a QB who does "everything", but even the great ones couldn't do everything. Troy couldn't improvise like Favre, and Favre isn't as calculating and precise as Troy. Joe Montana is the best that ever played, but he couldn't excell in an offense that required him to make 15 yard out routes routinely. I don't care what the QB's look like in warmups, I want want who moves the offense when he's on the field.
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    Personally Hos I appreciate the insight.There are many here that I respect their insight and, just as importantly, their opinion.Yours is one of them.Even when not in agreement,I still respect what you bring to the table.Having said all that, there are many here that are just plain ridiculous in their thought procsess,or lack there-of I should say. :D
  20. LaTunaNostra

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    You agreed on that "secret handshake" yet? :laugh2:

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