News: Clayton: Can Tony Romo get a fair dress rehearsal for Dallas?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 22, 2012.

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    By John Clayton |

    10. Can Tony Romo get a fair dress rehearsal for Dallas? Tight end Jason Witten is recovering from a lacerated spleen. Miles Austin has a sore hamstring. Dez Bryant has knee tendinitis. Kevin Ogletree is probably the best third receiver option, but is he good enough? The interior of the offensive line is banged up.

    Jason Garrett's biggest decision is whether it's worth risking Romo to injury or to try to work the offense with a bunch of backups. Garrett had to notice the Patriots making 27 players, including Tom Brady, inactive for Monday's game against the Eagles, a game in which Michael Vick suffered a rib injury.

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  2. aikemirv

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    As long as the line is solid Tony should play. He needs game work with these young WR's because Miles is iffy IMO.
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    To listen to Clayton, the Cowboys are merely 'camp fodder' for the Eagles and the Giants...:rolleyes:

    Dang, since storylines are already played out, even for players...then heck, we should just go ahead and start the season out now...O.K.:eek:
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    Just a few series, generic calls...protect him. They don't need a dress rehearsal....they haven't had a full camp basically, with all the nagging hold back on the offense, except the OL....let the defense have their dress rehearsal.
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    I think how long he plays will be determined by how well the line plays. I doubt garrett will leave him in a long time if the line is not producing. Outside of that I think Dallas will let the 1st unit play 2 to 3 qrts of the game and then 1 to 2 series in the last one.
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    Absolutely. I have no faith that Dez and Miles will be there for us this year. We will need 2 unknowns to appear out of nowhere this year if we are to make it to the playoffs. And that's not a good look.
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    Protect your QB first. See how things go- if he is getting good protection leave him in. If not pull him
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    Very frustrated w/ Miles Austin. Talk about someone who won't be conditioned to play when game 1 starts.

    Wasn't that his excuse last year? He didn't work out right and wasn't really prepared?

    Pretty displeased w/ the young man atm. I like Miles but dang. He can't stay healthy to save his life.
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    Good. I'd rather enter the season as dogs anyway.

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