Clayton Holmes: Yikes

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by bbgun, Jan 10, 2008.

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    As I approached the end of the article, I was looking forward to what I hoped would be some hint of a happy ending. Some sign that he was headed in the right direction. That he was beginning to figure it out. That he had a plan.

    It was so disheartening.

    He can still turn his life around, but right now, he's headed in the wrong direction. There's only one thing that can fix him, and it ain't scientology, IMO.
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    That is exactly why I said I didn't know whether to feel sorry or be pissed off. The cycle needs to stop, but he's not stopping it? I'm more inclined to be pissed off. He's 17 credits from a college degree. You can ride a bike in college. I am sure his alma mater would even give him a job with the team.

    All it requires is for him to get off his butt.
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    James Washington had him on "Out of Bounds" seems last night Clayton called James and they talked for a hour or so and Clayton seems willing to listen to James. I was getting my hopes up for Clayton's future until the end of the interview when he made a comment about scientology. Hopefully Clayton will stay in contact with J-Dub and show him the way to a better future or at least can put him in contact with someone that can help guide him.
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    I was hoping for a positive too, this is really sad.
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    it's probably pretty easy when you feel like they'd be better off having absolutely nothing to do with you.
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    Sad story, but it's really hard to feel sorry for someone that had eveyrthing he wanted right there in front of him, but pissed it away on drugs and strippers. I think the NFL needs to do a better job on helping these young men who come into the league that have backgrounds such as Holmes. The league makes so much money off these guys and they treat them as disposable since they have an endless supply of them coming out of college.
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    Very sad story. Shame it's all to common in life, not just in regards to football players.

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