Cleveland bus driver hitting that chick...

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    Justice was served.
  2. rkell87

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    gets off before the punch sorry
  3. rkell87

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    hey I am not saying I condone the action, however I do think it is crap that women typically want to be treated equally in every aspect that benefits them and in none of the ones that are detrimental to them, this is one of those aspects where it is detrimental to the woman and if she was a man she would have been hit long before that and it would have been a beat down instead of throwing her off the bus.

    as to your "punching a chick like that" I assume you mean the manner in which he hit her but if he hit her in a regular way is that better?

    I wouldn't have hit her like that for her actions up until that point but that doesn't mean that there isn't a point where enough is enough and that point was reached for that man and I can't say I blame him.
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    She was talking trash and touching him the entire time he was trying to drive the bus. She was acting like a punk thugg, so she got delt like one. Of course I don't know if they have previous history, but she took her jacket off and wanted to fight. I probably would of grabbed her by her hair and threw her off the bus.
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    She deserved it. Too many girls act like that thinking nothing will happen to them.
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    I wasn't her hair.
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  8. Sam I Am

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    lol :lmao2: :lmao:

    That was just wrong.

    EDIT: You could be wrong. If she had sold enough drugs that week, she might have paid for that weave and therefore it was her hair! We definitely know she didn't make enough money working a customer service job to pay for it! :laugh2:
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    He should have called the police and not touched her. He does not have the authority to detain or restrain anyone unless he feels he is in danger of bodily harm. That does not apply even though she hit him. It clearly didn't bother him. Both are guilty of assault and battery him maybe aggravated.

    If he calls police she is arrested for disturbing the peace and assault and battery and that's the end of the story.
  10. Rack Bauer

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    He should have followed with a left cross... she wouldn't have got up.

    I think any person (man or woman) should do whatever they can to prevent themselves from committing that kind of violence, but if it does happen to come about... do it right.
  11. Teren_Kanan

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    Was his reaction the correct and mature one? No

    Did she deserve what she got? Yes.

    The uppercut to the face will do more to improve her decision making in the future than anything our legal system ever will.

    Positives and Negatives.

    I've back handed a woman to the ground before for punching me in the face, she sure as hell didn't expect it. I was younger and shouldn't have done it, but she certainly deserved it.
  12. vta

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    I don't know, that uppercut was something else and she was still up and shouting back. I'm impressed. I think I would have been reeling from that wallop.
  13. Rynie

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    Have you ever been punched in the face with a closed fist by a woman? I have. I didn't hit her back, but I wanted to. I even cocked back, but never swung. I will tell you this; if she had tried to hit a second time, I would have dropped her. The driver even says it in the video, "if you're gonna act like a man, I'll treat you like a man."
  14. stasheroo

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    I think you're on the money.

    She's trash, and trash should be taken out.

    She attacked him first and she got what she deserved.

    My own code of ethics says to 'never strike a lady'.

    I think it's abundantly clear that that was no lady.
  15. Prossman

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    She chose to put on a show talking trash to the bus driver to show everyone how bad she was. She got the crap beat out of her for it. Politically correct? NO! Should he have chosen to call the police YES! Things were already emotional, she escaladed it and got physical and got beat down for it. She caused it and got what was coming to her.
  16. CliffnMesquite

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    Force must be met with force. Women want to be equal. Then be equal. Then they must accept the consequences.
  17. WV Cowboy

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    LOL, I hear ya, ... I forget that there are woman like that out there.

    They are not in my life.
  18. Dallas

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    I honestly do not understand why folks are getting so bent over this video. Clearly the young lady wanted much more than words with the driver, hence why she slapped/spit on him while he was driving the bus.

    I have no issue at all w/ the drive putting the smack down on a girl or guy doing something like that. She pushed it to far and a lot of women do these days thinking that guys are going to just take it.

    Well guess what? This isn't 1812 and chivalry is not called for when someone/anyone attacks you. I could care less what they have in their underwear. Someone is going down.

    If she would have sat there and just exchanged words, nothing would have happened. She escalated it when she went into HIS space and accosted him, thus taking it to an entirely different and personal level.

    I lol when that female passenger screamed "She's a female", as if that excuses everything. I hope some folks learn a lesson from this teachers curriculum of how to handle a rowdy bus passenger.

    Dont start nuthin......

    Won't be nuthin.... :D
  19. stasheroo

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    It speaks to the ignorance rampant in the entire video.
  20. JonJon

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    Woman Decked By Bus Driver Speaks Out: "I Felt Like I Was On Mortal Kombat" (bad language is already censored in this video)

    I just hate when the media tries to spin the story to make it seem like she was an innocent victim. She tries to make it seem like she was just trying to find her bus fare and the bus driver wouldn't let her ride, so the argument escalated and then she got hit with an uppercut for no reason. She can't even admit that she was wrong and even momentarily denied hitting him first before saying she needs to speak to her lawyer.

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