Clint Dolezel... why not?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by eduncan22, May 15, 2007.

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    Ok I won't say anything insulting but........

    WOW... All I will say is NO way do you bring in a Clint Dolezel. There is a reason why he's not in the NFL.

    Sometimes I believe people make certain threads to spark up insults but I'm not going there...:laugh2:
  2. eduncan22

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    830 TD's ?

    He is a football player.
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    Forgive me, but this belongs in this forum.
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    Not in the NFL he isn't. For any of the 32 teams.
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    Quincy threw what? 32 in 5 games? why the hell don't we bring him back? Arena football is the league of all passing no defense. every time i've watched the AFL the scores always total to be triple digits
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    fantasy football forum FTW!!!!

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    I'm not bashing Clint, he is awesome in the ARENA LEAGUE!!!

    Besides he's like 38
    He had 2 or 3 chances in the NFL
    Not better than any QB in the NFL

    I know the difference between the 2 leagues, clearly you don't.

    And again, I love Clint probably the best ever in the ARENA LEAGUE!!!
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    Apparently your threads can be banished for stupidity :laugh2:

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