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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Juke99, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Juke99

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    Man....that Campo really had this team sooooo close to being a playoff team.

    In his last two seasons, we lost 13 games by a TD or less. :banghead:

    Instead of going 10-22 in those seasons we could have reversed that record with some luck and a few less injuries....

    As the man says, "You are what your record says you are"

    Losing close games isn't the sign of a particularly good team. I'd venture a guess that a third of NFL games are decided by a TD or less. Teams that have playmakers can make the plays that win close games.

    Teams that don't will eternally talk about how close they came to winning...and how close they are to being a playoff team.

    Just one guy's opinion.
  2. jterrell

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    | Week | Opponent | Result | Score |
    | 1 | at Houston Texans | L | 10-19 |
    | 2 | Tennessee Titans | W | 21-13 |
    | 3 | at Philadelphia Eagles | L | 13-44 |
    | 4 | at St. Louis Rams | W | 13-10 |
    | 5 | New York Giants | L | 17-21 |
    | 6 | Carolina Panthers | W | 14-13 |
    | 7 | at Arizona Cardinals | L | 6- 9 |
    | 8 | Seattle Seahawks | L | 14-17 |
    | 9 | at Detroit Lions | L | 7- 9 |
    | 10 | |
    | 11 | at Indianapolis Colts | L | 3-20 |
    | 12 | Jacksonville Jaguars | W | 21-19 |
    | 13 | Washington Redskins | W | 27-20 |
    | 14 | San Francisco 49ers | L | 27-31 |
    | 15 | at New York Giants | L | 7-37 |
    | 16 | Philadelphia Eagles | L | 3-27 |
    | 17 | at Washington Redskins | L | 14-20 |

    We lost by 30 twice, by 24 once, by 17.
    And look at that challenging schedule with the Cards 5 wins, Texans 4 wins, Lions 3 wins.
  3. JackMagist

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    I agree with you for the most part. However, when you start losing games by a field goal or less and you have an offense that is getting you into position to make the field goal but it just gets missed, then I'd say you can start to believe that you are getting close. We are what we are, a 9-7 team that would have been much better with one more playmaker...a field goal kicker.

    Not that it would have made any difference since the team was playing like crap at the end of the season and we would have been back at home after the first round had we made the playoffs. But I did see enough this year to be encouraged for the future; unlike in the Campo years.
  4. wileedog

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    I think you have to take the strength of the opposing teams into account.

    A lot of those close games that Campo lost were against some similarly bad teams. With the occasional exception good teams routinely creamed us.

    The difference is this year we played against 5 of the playoff teams (two of them twice). We also played two others, Kansas City and San Diego, that probably belong there except they were in the same division as each other and Denver.

    That's 9 games of our schedule against the best teams in the league. We won 4 of them. We lost 4 of them by a total of 14 points. We got blown out once.

    The Campo teams would have been steamrolled by this schedule.

    I don't recall talking much about either of those topics a few years ago.
  5. Juke99

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    You want me to put up scores that we lost by in 2004, JT? :)

    OH and btw, when we got massacred by the Redskins this year, Parcells swept the final score aside with a comment "You can only lose a game once"
  6. sago1

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    Agree which means we didn't have the guns last year but Jones & Parcells can't delude themselves any longer into thinking Johnson or Rogers/Pettiti/Tucker & Davis are the answers at C, RT & FS. Liked Jones interview last week when he identified 1 of priorities IN THE DRAFT as WR cause we deluding ourselves if we think Glenn, Keyshawn & Crayton (with Witten at TE) can win us a SB. If we add quality young WR to play opposite Glenn it changes the whole passing game dynamics.
  7. Juke99

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    Spin spin spin spin...

    Again, this is a league that is dominated by playmakers who come up big when the game is on the line...

    We dont have them...yet...I'm not saying we never will..

    But this talk about how close we were in games is not working for me.

    25-24. 'Nuff said. It's a vast improvement from 15-33.

    But let's stop talking about all the close games.

    Remember, we had just as many that could have gone the other way....KC, San Diego, NY, Carolina...
  8. scottsp

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    Aye. If and when the Cowboys attain contender status, this team will still find itself in close games much more often than not. Championship clubs simply make plays down the stretch that are the difference in those contests.
  9. jterrell

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    And you do know we MADE THE PLAYOFFS THE YEAR AFTER CAMPO LEFT RIGHT? So I guess your assessment that we were close was right.
  10. Bach

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    One thing that concerns me with this team is we don't seem to have a tough, never-say-die attitude. This was BP's third season, we shouldn't still be searching for an identity. But, look what we did down the stretch. We go to NY for a chance to lead the division and don't even show up til sometime in the 3rd quarter. Two weeks later we get steam rolled by the Redskins in a game that would've practically cemented a playoff spot for us and eliminated Washington all the while avenging the earlier loss to them.

    It was evident in that game that we got totally outplayed, physically and mentally. They had a punch you in the mouth attitude and we basically looked like all we had to do was show up and get another win against the Redskins. That was a major playoff atmosphere against a hated rival, not to mention the revenge factor and we got beat to a pulp. It's one thing to every once in a while overlook a team or for some reason just not be ready. But this shouldn't have been one of those games, but it was.

    And then, after being eliminated from the playoffs, we showed virtually zero pride in playing the Rams. Now I know it was a huge disappointment, but we still could've came out and at least shown something, other than revealing we were quitters.

    Talent no doubt is a major factor, but without the right attitude you will only go so far. This team is going to need to have a fire inside of them and a desire or they aren't going to amount to much. By this point in the BP era, I would have liked to seen some signs of it by now.
  11. jterrell

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    RW sealed the 2nd Eagles win with a pick 6, Julius ran beautifully last season against the Seahags to win a huge game.
    We had 5 4th quarter comebacks this year.

    To argue we have no playmakers who wins games is just ridiculous.
    You seem to be allowing your negativity and disappointment to lead you to weird arguments.
  12. jterrell

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    We certianly didn't have the swagger down the stretch. I'd assume that was because the OL was so suspect we were really never sure what play would work.

    Pitt yesterday got a lot of swagger as the game wore on because they found ways to deal with Freeney and were dominating that Colt offense.

    We have to get better for sure. An offensive bell co would be real nice but I think Julius can be that guy if healthy and Witten can as well if not forced to block all season.
  13. notherbob

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    That's true. The only thing we can really say right now is that this team is better than it was and if it has another successful off-season, will be stronger next year and make a serious run through a tough schedule for the big bowl.

    With all of his problems and mistakes, BP is building a machine, a little at a time. He will have a suffocating defense and a boring offense but people won't be able to stop it if it remains healthy. It's going to be even more interesting this off-season than last year.
  14. Bach

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    I hope we can shore up the OL and start playing smashmouth football with a swagger. I like the way we responded against Carolina, but too bad it proved too little too late.

    And I do agree with Juke, we really do need some more playmakers. I don't think a starting lineup that includes Bledsoe, Keyshawn and Glenn is going to cut it. We have Witten and I think a tandem of Julius and Barber can be effective. But we have to improve the OL which is obvious, but we also need a good young playmaker at WR. I would get into the QB situation but it would be futile. We'll have to ride the Bledsoe train the next two years.
  15. chinch

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    Owned. LOL.

    Nice attempt at spin though ignoring the actual teams we played Juke ;)

  16. jterrell

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    Glenn is a huge playmaker. Honestly so is Bledsoe. He makes big bad plays and big good plays.

    KJ is just a chain mover.

    I'd love to see us add a quality younger WR like Reggie Wayne.

    Carolina has all of 1 playmaker on offense.

    I don't view us as different from Carolina at all except they didnt lose their LT. They did lose RBs and were inconsistent because of it. I also would have loved to have Carolina's schedule this year: Arizona, NO twice, GB, Det, The Jets, Buffalo. They didnt face any of the other 3 conference finalists.
  17. Juke99

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    Yes...he made the playoffs with Campo's players, I am aware...I'm also aware, he hasn't made the playoffs since. :) Simple point. Ya either win the game, or you don't. Close is nice. I'll save the horseshoes comment. This is an era of games being close...that is what parity has brought to the NFL. SO it's an OLD frame of refercence to gain comfort from close losses. Additionally, Parcells plays games close...that's his philosophy...if he was a college basketball coach, he'd stall the game and his final scores would be 45-43. He's supposed to know how to win close games... Personally, I think it's a philosophy that no longer works in the can play the game as close as you'd like...and then lose it at the end because the other team has the playmaker we are sorely missing at this point. Close losses mean nothing.
  18. Juke99

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    You can continue to find solace in close losses...personally, they mean nothing to me. Now, we're gonna start making excuses about the teams we played...and Flozell injuries....and the positioning of the moon and stars.... ya know, funny thing about Parcells' Zombies...even the coach himself, who talks about "you are what your record says you are" wouldn't apply the spin control that some of you do.
  19. superpunk

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    How is it "spin" to say "look how close this team was this year. Look at what they had to deal with this year. Be excited for next year. This team is right there." How is that spin? Seems like a realistic outlook on how this season went, and what we can expect next year. First year 3-4, significant injuries to LBs and CBs, Flozell out, and yet this team finished 9-7, with a real shot at 12-4.
  20. chinch

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    Close losses mean nothing to you.... nothing means anything to you except hating Tuna. Even when it comes at the expense of good judgement.

    Since Landry is not of this earth and Jimmah "62-7" Johnson's coaching tree is now expired, maybe we can get Campo back and go 5-11, 5-11, 5-11 so you can be happy again as a disgruntled Cowboys fan!

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