Clowney better than Bruce Smith, compares to L.T.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Aug 3, 2013.

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    07:27 AM ET 08.02 | How good is Jadeveon Clowney? One of the best things about writing scouting reports is when you get a chance to write up a dominant player. There are days after you have made a school call that you struggle to find the words to describe a player -- that is not the case with [Clowney]. ... [I've] been doing this since 1981, and he is as good a defensive player as I have ever watched. In the 1984 season, Bruce Smith, who became the No. 1 pick in the 1985 NFL Draft, was dominant but not nearly as dominant as Clowney. Smith would take some plays off and played 15-20 pounds heavy that season. I don't think I have seen Clowney take a play off. I did not get a chance to scout Lawrence Taylor, but I worked for the Giants for most of his career and I would have to say that if Clowney reminds me of anyone it's Taylor.

    National Football Post
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    This is somebody elses opinion, not mine. He'd have to go a long way to be better than LT. One of the top 5 players to ever play this game IMO.
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    I assume you mean at the college level, because until they play at the Pro level, it is always only a guess.
    I think we can all agree he should be very good though.
    Can't wait to see him play again this year, and in the future.
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    I think they mean as a prospect.

    I was skeptical of all the hyperbole, but after watching a lot of film and reading a lot about the guy, Clowney seems to be cut from a different cloth. I think the best way I can put it is he's like the Calvin Johnson of defense.

    Doesn't mean he'll be the best, but he's go the tools to be one of the bests for sure.
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    yea, he means, better than Bruce Smith at the same point in his athletic career. but imo, that means very little. How many QBs were better than Tom Brady at a similar point in their career (final college season)?
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    being the best middle school player means diddly squat when you get to HS. Being the best HS player means diddly squat when you get to college. Being the best college player means diddly squat when you get to the pros.
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    I was watching some talking heads on a college football preview show and they were saying that Clowney needs to quit taking plays off. lol

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    There was a player named Aundrey Bruce out of Auburn back in the 80s who was taken #1 over all who was supposed to be the 2nd coming of LT, perhaps better. Atlanta drafted him.

    He's one of the biggest misses in the History of the NFL Draft. Broderick Thomas was drafted in 89 6th overall by the Bucs out of Nebraska. He never made an All Pro Team or even a Pro Bowl. He was supposed to be the next LT.

    In 1990 the Bucs realized that Thomas was not that guy so the drafted the next LT, out of Alabama, 4th overall. His name was Keith McCant's. He was supposed to be, hands down, better then LT. Never mad an All Pro team, never made a Pro Bowl.

    Mike Croel was the guy in 91, out of Nebraska again. He was drafted 4th overall. Never made a Pro Bowl, never was an All Pro.

    In 92, Finally, at long last, the Air Apparent to LT had finally arrived. He was Bigger, Faster, Stronger, he had that same mean streak, he was the junkyard dog supreme athlete, take no prisoners type player that LT was in his playing days. He was Quentin Coryatt out of TAM and he was taken 2nd overall by the Colts. He never made a Pro Bowl, he never made All Pro and he never did become LT.

    1993 it was Marvin Jones. Drafted 4th overall out of Florida by the Jets, No PB teams, No AP Teams.
    1994 it was Trev Alberts out of Nebraska, drafted 5th overall by the Colts. No PB Teams, No AP Teams.

    Skip forward to 2009. Aaron Curry, 4th overall pick out of Wake to Seattle. It doesn't look promising at this point.

    I'm not saying that Clowney will not be the next LT. He's certainly a very impressive young player and if I had the chance to draft him, I would. However, we have to be real careful about who people claim to be the next LT. There has only been 1 LT and lots of guys who have been taken real high and turned out to be not much.

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