Clowney picks Gamecocks

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Doomsday101, Feb 14, 2011.

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    ROCK HILL, S.C. – Jadeveon Clowney began reading the words everyone had wanted to hear for nearly two weeks. Then the country's top football recruit found out what it was like to wait.

    Clowney ended an extra 12 days of signing suspense Monday when he picked South Carolina's hat off a table that also had caps from finalists Alabama and Clemson. First, though, Clowney had to wait for the go-ahead from ESPN, which carried his announcement live to a national audience.

    When given the signal, Clowney spoke: "I'm going to the University of ..." he said, then reached for the Gamecocks' cap to the cheers of friends, family, South Pointe High students and teammates.
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    Looks like today is his 18th birthday. His first decision as an adult. Nice.
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    So ESPN has a live show showing some guy picking his college? Is there nothing else to broadcast?
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    Over the top. Especially considering the kid might not even be academically eligible. :banghead:
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    Has anybody watched this kid play? They act like hes the Lebron of football or something...

    Maybe he is. But I don't watch highschool football so I have no clue as to how good this dude really is
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    I haven't seen him play, but my next door neighbor (SC alumn) is off the charts excited about the kid.
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    Everytime we see a guy like this it seems like the hype train hurts their game before they ever get a chance.

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