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Clutch Technology

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Clutch, Mar 19, 2011.

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    If anyone would be interested, I'm opening a Technician shop in Austin, Texas and starting to sell small parts out of shop. Right now I have Dell laptop chargers in stock. I am running this company by myself with occasional help of a friend that is still in college. I cannot at this point provide more products for everyone at CZ but down the road I would like to have hard drives/video cards/memory available for everyone here. But, at this point of the business, I cannot afford to keep enough in the store with taxes and shop bills.

    They have a 30 day guarantee. Ship out of Texas and shipping is already included in price. I accept paypal or a mailed check.

    65 watts - $35
    90 watts - $35
    150 watts - $35
    230 watts - $35

    If you need anymore information or help let me know!
  2. Clutch

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