C'mon fickle fans, if Dave Campo got 3 years, Parcells deserves at least a 4th year!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Dec 19, 2005.

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    I know the end of season collapse hurts, but I think some of you fellas are calling for a Hall of Fame coach's head too soon! The fans were generally behind Campo until the 3rd year even after all those 5-11 seasons. Can't we give Parcells a little more room than Dunce Campo?

    Jimmy got 5 years.

    Switzer got 4 years.

    Chan got 2 years.

    Campo got 3 years.

    I think Parcells deserves at least a 4th year. :eek::
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    Well Campo was working with primarily NFL Europe talent his entire tenure. It's impossible to compare the two. Parcells is obviously the better HC, but I think Campo could fall into 8 wins with this team.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I'll give Parcells another year but not with the assistants he has. Zimmer has got to go. He is NOT an NFL caliber DC and never has been. His pathetic blitz packages are the least effective I have ever seen. All of our guys seem to just run into the blocker in front of them.

    Watching Merriman yesterday showed how we should be using Ware but are not. Wade Philips (who we had a chance to sign but kept Zimrod instead) brought Merriman from every angle and position. We just line Ware up as a DE and bring him straight in every time so that he is almost always facing the OT. Merriman was coming against the OT, OG, TE, or RB depending on wher he was comiing from on the play and was in fact beating the Colts' OGs regularly.

    Ware has the ability and talent to be an exceptional pass-rusher but it will require a DC that knows how to rush the QB and that excludes Zimwit.

    Sean Payton doesn't seem to know how to make adjustments during a game, if things aren't working he just throws in a trick play then goes back to what wasn't working again.

    When you compare the talent level of Bill's former assistant coaches with the current crop it is like night and day and that goes all the way down the line.

    Bruce DeHaven was supposed to be a STs guru but our STs units have stunk since Joe Avezzano was released (stupid move!). Our O-Line coaching is horribleunder the string of coaches we have had in here since Hudson Houck was released (not that he was doing all that great a job at the time we let him go but none of the guys since then have even done as well).

    Belichick and Coughlin have turned out to be very good head coaches and don't seem to have the same "play-not-to-lose" mentality as their former mentor Parcells.

    I really like what Bill has done with the team in terms of the players character but his choice of assistants stinks and his reluctance to take chances is not a formula to win games in the league these days. His focus on time of possession and field position might have worked back in the day when he had excellent assitant coaches and a dominant defense but our defense is far from dominant and his assistants suck.

    He had better get it right next season or we will be in rebuilding mode yet again in 2007.
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    I think what Parcells has done to transform this roster from where it was is remarkable. We had 3 straight 5-11 seasons, and in his 3rd year he has us in position to be in the playoffs, as a legit playoff team(not the 03 team that really wasn't that good). We were a DISASTER when he got here, and, yes, we have missed on some draft picks, but who hasn't. Denver took Maurice Clarette for #*#*#&@ sake. Had freakin' Cundiff made a 34 yard field goal against Denver we would not even be having this conversation. Do I wish he would be less conservative, of course, but losing Flo had a bigger than expected impact on us, as did losing Rodgers before the year. We also lost 2 starters at Linebacker. One of whom, Dat, was a MAJOR blow to our run defense and our leadership in general. I am way more happy in December this year than before Bill got here, and the fact is that we still have a shot as late as December 24th to make the playoffs. When have we legitimately been able to say that since what 1999 or 2000?

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