News: CN:Another Look at the Tape: A Little Power and a Lot of Finesse

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    Posted by Rafael at Tuesday, October 25, 2011


    This morning we looked at a foiled attempt at running power, one of Dallas' base runs. Now, we're going to look at an effective power wrinkle Jason Garrett installed for DeMarco Murray on Sunday:


    Second play of the 2nd half. Dallas is in 2nd-and-4 on its own 26. It has run a successful toss right on first down. Now, the Cowboys stay in the heavy 22 set and put both tight ends on the right side. They're in jack right, with Tony Fiammetta also offset to the right. The formation offers maximum power to the right. (Keep in mind that this is the formation that Tashard Choice gets on the next play, and that call was actually power to that strong side.)

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