CN: Bunting Part 2: Figuring Out the Pre-Pick 14 Churn

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Posted by Rafael at Wednesday, March 21, 2012
    Cowboys Nation: I've heard a lot of post-Combine buzz on Fletcher Cox. You have him a little lower in your rankings, at 6.9. Is that a firm grade? Are you hearing that he's moving up?

    Wes Bunting: I'm staying firm on that grade. I'm not in love with him like some of these other people. I think he plays too high. I think he's a good talented kid. There are some concerns I have about his game. I just don't feel he's as safe as some of the 7.0s, and that's why I gave him a 6.9.

    But I do hear he's one of the top 3 defensive tackles and he won't come off the board lower than 20. I put him in Philadelphia in my latest mock draft at 15. He could go to the Dolphins at 8. He's in play with a lot of teams. I felt the same way last year about Corey Liuget. I've missed on some guys like that, but if I don't have convictions about them, I can't rate them that high.
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    I hope I am wrong as can be about this, but I think both Ingram and Decastro are gone at 14.
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    It is starting to look more and more like that is going to be the case. The great thing about the draft is you never know. The one thing you can count on is there will be a few crazy unexpected picks in the top 15.
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    I think Seattle may be the biggest threat to draft DeCastro. The Cardinals have been snooping around Cordy Glenn, and San Diego is said to have shown significant interest in Glenn. The Chargers pick at 18. I'm hoping all those overrated, overvalued defensive players get drafted ahead of Dallas, so the Cowboys can make the smart pick and draft among the top interior offensive linemen. The two top guards and the top center represent great value to the Cowboys, because all three players should be day one starters in the offensive line and present huge upgrades in a significant area of weakness. Konz looks like a perfect fit in the pivot, because he fits Dallas' running scheme very strongly. Glenn could play either guard spot and give you another option at OT. Glenn would be a powerful RG, too.


    The Cowboys really liked Mike Pouncy last year. Bunting stated that he rated Mike Pouncy lower than he rated Peter Konz this year, and the Dolphins drafted Mike Pouncy at 15. Bunting rated Maurkice higher than Mike, and Maurkice is considered the better of the Pouncy twins. Maurkice went at 18. Summary: Maurkice Pouncy/Peter Konz/Mike Pouncy

    The Dolphins were very pleased with Mike Pouncy last year, and I'd rather have Mike Pouncy than Miles Austin, Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer, or Mike Jenkins. So, I'd for sure welcome any one of those three players to the Cowboys in round 1.

    I just think the solid value at 14 will be in the interior offensive line.

    Dre Kirkpatrick isn't an explosive player, and his interception total is suspect. Josh Norman (CB Coastal Carolina) should really interest the Cowboys, and he is an answer to Kirkpatrick in this draft. Bucky Brooks thinks Norman fits Dallas' scheme and style, too. I'd target Norman in this draft.

    The defensive players being talked about at 14 are really scary, imo. I see boom or bust all over the place. I see some good players, but I don't see Richard Seymour or DeMarcus Ware. I don't see Leonard Little, Albert Haynesworh, or John Henderson in this draft, either. Those three players had outstanding production to back up their outstanding talent.

    I see the pass rushers and defensive linemen rising up the draft boards due to need. It happens every year. There is a reason why defensive linemen carry a significant risk and have an alarming bust rate in round 1.

    On the other hand, only the very best interior offensive linemen even make it into round 1. Moreover, that fact makes an already solid, safe investment, even more solid and safe. Plus, DeCastro, Glenn, and Konz are really good football players. Again, when you draft them, they are day one starters, and they address a significant weakness and present a significant upgrade in talent.

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