News: CN: Cowboys Camp, Day Two: Knocking Off the Rust

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Posted by Rafael at Friday, July 29, 2011

    Update: Will chat on Twitter and Facebook tonight at 9 pm CT. You can find the page here.

    This Psycho is a Rude Beast

    Rob Ryan's defense works a lot on scheme. He mixes lots of pre-snap movement with heavy pressure, hoping to knock opposing QBs and their receiving corps out of sync.Ryan also likes to sow confusion by playing people out of character. Linemen play linebacker. Safeties and corners blitz. Linebackers put their hand down and play the run.
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    Organized chaos. I love it. :D

    Turn hell loose, Rob.
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    Among the Namdi craziness, no one read this gem of write by Vela. Awesome as usual.
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    If you love the defensive side of the ball, read the article, and didn't get a happy in your pants you probably need to go kick a puppy.

    Rex is probably our biggest offseason addition, FA's be damned.
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    What Vela did not mention is those screens that were successful against it would have been for big, big gains. One they came over the right side of the offensive formation and a RB came in right behind to the vacated spot.

    Another found Martelluss Benett who had a ton of room and was upfield with a ton of steam before the safeties got to him 15 yards downfield. that man is a load.
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    There is a method to his madness!!

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