News: CN: Curb Your Enthusiasm - Cowboys FA Pool About to Shrink

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Picksix, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Vela's take on some FA names that we've tossed around. Also, interesting stuff regarding Bill Callahan and the Jets OL this past season. Finishes with a somewhat controversial comment on JG's playcalling.

    The big problem was that they didn't have a vertical passing game any more and teams could concentrate on stopping their run. That's the biggest issue. Braylon Edwards was a top-10 vertical wide receiver in 2010. They let him go, and brought in Plaxico Burress. Burress is nowhere near a top-10 vertical receiver. His numbers were terrible this year.

    If you looked at the number of 20 and 40 yard plays the Jets receivers had in 2010 and 2011, it just plummeted in 2011. They had fewer 40 yard pass plays this year than any other team in the league. They were close to the top ten the year before. If you can't threaten a team over the top their safeties will sit in the box all game long. Even if you try and spread them out they'll keep cheating up to the line just before the snap to snuff out the running game...
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    That does it for me...Mario Williams, Carl Nicks, and a quality corner in free agency.
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    I would love to have Mario Williams and Chris myers.

    give me those 2 and a decent Corner and the best corner in the draft and I am pretty happy
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    Doesn't williams play Ware's position and top it off if he was Ok with a move it would be his second move in as many years. I see him going to a 4-3 team or to a team in need of a WOLB.
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    I think Williams or Ware could play either WOLB or SOLB. Ware and Spencer flip flop a lot anyway. Having two OLB who could play either position would be a huge plus IMO.
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    I have come on as of late with the point that Mario is the golden ticket to this off season. If you add him you have quite possibly the most dynamic rushing duo in the NFL without a doubt. Would it be pricy? Why yes it would, but that should not stop good old Jerry from dishing out the cash and making the splash he needs to make to get him in a Cowboys uniform.
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    I don't see any controversy.
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    Gee, you're not asking for much.. want the league to throw in Revis in there too ? :D

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