News: CN: Dallas Cowboys Injuries – Rehab 101

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    Dallas Cowboys Injuries – Rehab 101
    Steven Van Over


    With the plethora of injuries that have struck the Dallas Cowboys in 2014 we reached out to an expert in the field, Dr. Mathew Ormond who specializes in kinesiology and injury recovery. Dr. Ormond has worked with athletes at many levels and attempts to share in layman’s terms pertinent information in regards to injuries that are currently of critical interest to the Cowboys 2014 prospects.

    Discussion of what happens when the injury occurs, the ensuing pain factors as well as various rehab revelations give Cowboys Nation readers a much clearer picture of what is facing some of the key players in the Cowboys training room.

    Dallas Cowboys Injuries - ACL injuries (Henry Melton), Micro Fracture Surgery (Anthony Spencer) and the rash of hamstring injuries that have plagued the Cowboys in recent years are all discussed.

    “… trust between the athlete and training staff” – Dr. Ormond on crititcal nature of trust between patient and rehab staff (Ratliff insight)...
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    brutal truth is that the Boys have NOT had a good training or medical staff for a very long time. Strictly mediocre.
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