News: CN: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp News Day 4 – Revengeful Defense

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    Dallas Cowboys Training Camp News Day 4 – Revengeful Defense
    Brenton Butler


    It was a busy fourth day of Dallas Cowboys training camp. The weather was perfect for smash mouth football, yet the hard hitting of yesterday’s session did not carry over to today. This did not prevent a couple of Cowboys from getting banged up. Matt Johnson walked off the field with a tweaked hamstring, a sight that Cowboys fans are quite familiar with. DeVonte Holloman and Terrell McClain were also banged up. This meant increased reps at linebacker for Rolondo McClain.

    The defensive lineman and and linebackers were put through extra conditioning today, and for the first time in camp I witnessed Cowboys players taking a knee between reps. From my perspective, the aggression that was shown by the defense in yesterday’s practice was due to them being dominated in the one on one drills.

    Today was a different story. In one on one’s Orlando Scandrick was outstanding, as usual. Morris Claiborne bounced back, shutting down Dez Bryant on a couple of reps. Dez would get his revenge, and put Claiborne on skates with a sweet juke move. B.W. Webb even got in on the action, breaking up a deep ball to Dez while staying with the beast stride for stride. Terrence Mitchell showed great poise and broke up a well thrown ball on a deep out route...
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