News: CN:Giants Week -- Can Romo Find the Time to Attack? by Rafael

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Posted by Rafael at Thursday, December 08, 2011
    The plot will be the same. Can the Cowboys offense write a new ending this time? Earlier this year, Dallas faced a New England team whose secondary was ailing. Jason Garrett game planned for the quick kill. The Cowboys opened in four and five wide sets, and looked to throw vertically.

    However, the Patriots line blew up the interior of Dallas protection, with four man rushes and with some inside linebacker blitzes. Tony Romo was sacked and intercepted off this early pressure, and Dallas had to adjust, keeping a back in to block and throwing shorter routes which took less time to develop.
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    I think if Dallas can run the ball on NY then yes I think we will be able to buy time for Romo to attack. If all we do is drop back and throw and NY does not have to look for the run then it gets tougher
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    It's all predicted on our ability to run the football. If we can run it well Romo should get time.
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    This isn't mentioned much, but I have not seen a lot of rollouts this year, or screens either for that matter. We need to spread the Giants out and let Romo use his eluusiveness to buy time and find a target. Also, I personally would call a few option-type plays where Romo has an opportunity to throw off a rollout or run - yes, run - the football... A couple times a game, tell him if his first read isn't there to take off upfield and get what he can, just to keep the Giants thinking about it.
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    but supposedly it does not matter if you can run the football; many experts here claim this.
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    I agree and I believe we will run the ball on them, I see a big game for DM. The Giants Dline rushes the passer well but I don't think they can stop us from running. DM will have 120yrds or more on the ground..
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    Offense is the least of our problems.

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