News: CN: Jets Week, Part Two: Embrace the Blitz

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    Jets Week, Part Two: Embrace the Blitz

    Posted by Rafael

    What they do:

    The Ryan brothers are tied to the 3-4 as a scheme, because it offers them more looks from base personnel, gives them more options on blitzes, and presents better matchups when they zone blitz. (3-4 matches up OLBs against backs and TEs in drops, where a 4-3 zone blitz puts DEs in space.)

    On first down, Rex Ryan and his DC Mike Pettine use 3-4 personnel packages on nearly every play. You'll see three linemen and four linebackers in the game. This does not mean that Rex will give a 3-4 formation. Some times he will go 3-4 base. Other times, he'll have one of his OLBs put his hand down, and give a 4-3 look. He'll under-shift his 4-man line. He'll over-shift it. The Jets use a lot of very late pre-snap movement to try and confuse the line protection. In this still, you see the Jets go to "eagle" the old Bears and Eagles 46 look, using that same 3-4 personnel package:...

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