News: CN:Matching up to Rex Ryan's blitzes

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    Rex Ryan does not have a top-tier pass rusher. Calvin Pace led the '09 Jets with 8.0 sacks and Bryan Thomas the '10 Jets with 6.5 sacks. Shaun Ellis, the Jets' top-rushing lineman, now plays for the Patriots.

    Ryan nonetheless has built an effective rush, doing it with muscle and scheme. The '10 Jets bagged 40 quarterbacks, ranking eight in the league. Ryan uses an extreme amount of secondary blitzes and zone blitzes. Eleven of those 40 sacks were notched by Jets' safeties and cornerbacks. Ryan uses zone blitzes. He uses overloads. He works through his list of options looking for a type of blitz that works. Then, he calls it until an opponent stops it.

    Three years ago, Ryan's Ravens faced the Cowboys in Texas Stadium. Mid-way through the game, Ryan called a delayed inside linebacker blitz at the Cowboys right side, where his nose tackle and a defensive end ran a twist, with Ray Lewis rushing though the guard's gap behind them. The first time called, Lewis ran past a confused Leonard Davis and smacked Tony Romo. So Ryan called it again, and again, Lewis ran untouched through the B-gap.

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