CN:Mock 5.0: Wes Bunting Offers Three 3-Round Draft Parlays

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Posted by Rafael at Friday, January 06, 2012
    Stephon Gilmore
    In Part Three of this week's chat with the NFP's draft analyst Wes Bunting, I ask him to create three-player sets, which let Dallas get one each of a cornerback, pass rusher and guard:

    Cowboys Nation: Let's say the Cowboys want to leave day one, and I still refer to the first three rounds of the draft as day one, with a pass rusher, a guard and a cornerback. If they draft according to your current mock, and land David DeCastro at 14, give me a cornerback for round two and a pass rusher for round three:
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    Good stuff Joe. Always appreciated. I would love DeCastro in the first, but i don't see this franchise going OL two years in a row. I also believe a first round corner and a solid 2nd roud guard would be the smarter way to go.
  3. cowboyjoe

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    yw buddy, but i seriously hope cowboys go get decastro, weve got to solidfy our interior offensive line, to protect romo and create more tds in redzone, do you realize weven only made i think 6 tds rushing in redzone, ?

    one was a qb sneak, another one was a 90 something yard run by murray

    so that leaves only 4 rushing tds out of 6, ouch, weve got to open up holes from our off line

    but as long as the cowboys take best player, im happy with 14th pick
    for instance cowboys like j j watt and tyron smith at 9th pick last yr,

    youve got to stay with your board from your scouts
  4. poost

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    Definately agree with sticking to your board. I also agree on taking DeCastro. I see today's NFL all about protecting your QB and giving WRs time to beat their coverage. Look at the teams in the playoffs. Packers, Saints, Patriots, Falcons, Lions, Giants. Solidifying the line should be the priority. I'd like a FA pickup and a high draft pick invested.
  5. cowboyjoe

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    right, and you could go get a top cb or s in 2nd, then follow the 3rd rd with a top center or go get chris myers from texans, he is a free agent, and texans have 2 big players to sign, so they might not be able to keep myers, and myers is already established, knows the division were playing in steelers, browns etc...

    then go get campbell DE from arizona and anogther top free agent in safety or cb

    then fill out your other needs in draft, but stick to your board

    hopefully cowboys can sign nicks og or grubbs too, because our offensive line at OG is old, dockery was hurt 5 games or so, holland is 34 going on 35 i think, and kosier just had a seriious knee injury, so we need to get one established young OG, and then draft another good OG and C, costa stinks, i dont care what jerry jones says about costa, he stinks :banghead:
  6. Avery

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    There won't be a better pick at #14 than Decastro.
  7. RamziD

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    The more I think about it, there's only 2 moves I really want the Cowboys to make with their first round pick. Either stay put and hope like heck DeCastro makes it to #14 and then snag him up. Or trade up to #9 or #10 to draft Kirkpatrick if he falls that far. Either of those two move and I am a very happy camper.
  8. TheDallasDon

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    He will be 32 at the start of next season.

    We need lineman in the worst way on both sides of the ball........its time to fix this ****, rebuilding always starts with the foundation
  9. TheSport78

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    If you sign a FA guard like Nicks or Grubbs AND draft DeCastro, you're basically already giving up on Arkin, and I think the team wants to give him a chance to develop. I'd rather sign Nicks in FA, hope Arkin or Nagy progresses and draft a center like Ben Jones in the 3rd round. This team cannot go into the season with Costa or Kowalski as the starter.
  10. poost

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    I would be happy with this. I think the Center position is more important than the guard anyways. Hopefulle out Nagy, Arkin, Costa or Kowalski can become a solid swing type guard. That would allow us to draft CB/Pass rusher 1st/2nd.
  11. burmafrd

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    I am tired of hoping low round OL actually become good starters. IT is no cooincidence that every REALLY good O Lineman the boys have had over the last 15 years have been high picks. Kosier is the only FA really that exceeded expectations; Colombo was a guy BP took off the scrap heap.

    Flo and LA were second rd picks; Smith a first rd. No cooincidence there
  12. Hoofbite

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    This team would be stupid to pass on DeCastro if he's all he's cracked up to be.
  13. VACowboy

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    I'll take DeCastro, Minnifield and Johnson/McClellin right now. That's a hell of a "first day." My mock is actually DeCastro, McClellin, Boykin.
  14. TheSport78

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    The Cowboys have a glaring need with an athletic guard who can pull effectively. Ideally, you want your left guard to do this so you can pull to the strong side (with the tight end). Holland is pretty much what you DON'T want at left guard, he would actually make a much better right guard. This is why Kosier's departure is very key, he WAS the guard who would pull and make the line calls. So, we cannot go through another season with Holland or Dockery at left guard; it simply limits the playbook with the left guard's limited athletic ability.

    The difference is this:

    Carl Nicks plays left guard; Ben Grubbs plays right guard

    If Nicks is signed, we need a bigger and dominant right guard who can maul.

    If Grubbs is signed, you draft DeCastro because he's the perfect left guard.
  15. Bigtommyb

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    I like your thinking however i'd rather get a Guard in here with some experience, via Fa.Grubbs etc. I want first three picks defense. Olb,cb,ilb or cb,olb,ilb, depending who's there. I'm looking at Gilmore, Mercilus ,one and two any order.
  16. Zaxor

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    agreed if they sign a FA guard and draft Decastro than Nagy, arkin, kowolski are not being given any chance of starting and were wasted picks. they would be best served signing a FA and drafting a corner or pass rusher
  17. Deep_Freeze

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    Can't really understand the movement to replace the whole interior of the line with FAs and the draft when our D looked like swiss cheese. We drafted 2 guards last year, yet some here want to replace them immediately without giving them even 1 offseason to develop.

    A CB and pass rusher is every bit as important to this team as another guard, especially when we lose TNew and probably could(and should) lose Spencer or Kenyon.
  18. MichaelWinicki

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    I understand your point.

    I think it comes down to three things...

    1. The interior run blocking was abysmal this season, the pass blocking only slightly less so. I think if DeCastro is there at #14, then you have to strongly consider taking him... Just because he's such a top prospect.
    2. If the two top corners are there, then they do merit consideration.
    3. I don't any of the OLBers/DEs are worth the pick at #14.
  19. cds99

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    This is what i hope to do is move up if we have to and secure ourselves a number 1 corner in the future and stop messing around with mid teir cb's. Get a good one and if we cant get him grab decastro. You cant go wrong with decastro IMO.
  20. Deep_Freeze

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    DeCastro is a top prospect, no argument there, can't be upset if we take him especially if we don't get a FA guard. It's just harder to get that top CB or OT with lower picks. We picked 2 guards last year, neither of which has even seen an offseason yet.

    We do have to wait on workouts really for pass rushers, it along with CBs can be the fastest risers in the draft.

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