CN:NFL Draft 2012: Tuesday Morning Buzz

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Posted by Rafael at Tuesday, April 24, 2012
    Poe: losing steam?
    Last week I joked that the media types had labeled at least thirteen players as "sure top 10 guys." Now, the same phenomenon appears to be occurring in the late 1st. How many players are now referred to as "possible late 1st rounders?" Too many to fit into that range, which is good news for Dallas' 2nd pick.

    Here's the latest I've been able to gather. Rumors at this time must be viewed with suspicion, but view them all the same:

    -- Cornerbacks open the day. Brandon Boykin and Josh Robinson are seen as the names who can start the anticipated run in the early 2nd.

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