CN:"That Would Be a Dream Come True." An Interview With Temple F-back Evan Rodriguez

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    Posted by Rafael at Monday, March 12, 2012
    Evan Rodriguez
    The Cowboys will likely add a tight end this off-season. Long-time backup Martellus Bennett has stated that he wants to be a team's starter, which ends his Cowboys career. One draft option may be Temple F-back Evan Rodriguez, a versatile player who ranks among the best tight ends and fullbacks in his draft class.

    Rodriguez spoke to Cowboys Nation recently and revealed an interest in the Cowboys that goes way back.

    Cowboys Nation: I want to talk about your versatility. You're listed in some services as a tight end. You're the top-rated fullback on a few others. How do you view yourself? Describe your strengths.
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    I know a lot of people in the Temple program and to say his work ethic is questionable would be a understatement. Evan often pushed coaches to the limit with his lack of motivation. His skill set is undeniable but he reminds me a lot more of Bennett then Hernandez.
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    He was one of Joe's picks in the Kiper Mock.
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    How about drafting him in the later rounds and give Fiametta completion at fb
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    The more completions for Fiametta, the better.

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