News: CN:Wes Bunting Builds a Cowboys Board: Round One

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Posted by Rafael at Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Devon Still

    I asked the National Football Post's scouting director Wes Bunting to produce a short list of players who fit Cowboys needs, who were likely to be available when Dallas drafts. In part one of this week's chat, Wes narrows down the 1st round.

    Cowboys Nation: Let's say the Cowboys will pick between 15-25. The window was smaller last week, but this week people are feeling much more bullish on the team. On offense, they'll be looking for a guard, if they can get one in that range, or a quarterback if one like say, Ryan Tannehill rates in that range.
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    Sorry but no way do I want to see the Cowboys draft a TE in the 2nd round. We need add a legit ILB. Yes, Lee is doing very well & maybe Carter shows enough to keep us happy with those two as our starters, but we don't have much behind them who can legit start if either goes down. Fully on board to drafting a G and/or a C--depending on how Costa does rest of season, etc.
  3. Risen Star

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    Building a team specific board?

    You mean drafting for need?

    Killer idea. That always works.
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    I'll take an OLB in the 1st, a CB in the 2nd, a WR/returner in the 3rd....and ooh ooh, a G in the 4th.
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    I'm kind of liking Robert Griffin in the 1st, but it's not a very practical pick. I'd prefer to go trenches, but if Spencer walks, then maybe Upshaw. I don't think CB is a 1st round need this year, even if we shed Newman, which seems less and less likely these days.
  6. Picksix

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    Agreed. :rolleyes:

    I assume your this post is a play on the first.
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    A 2nd round TE would be stupid. I'd be pissed at a 2nd round TE when the OL clearly needs some help.

    A 2nd round TE would be way down my list.
  8. ThreeSportStar80

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    Romo is only 31, I don't think it's time to draft a QB folks... Offensive line, and defensive line depth is a MUST!!!!
  9. Teague31

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    No way we draft a QB in Round 1 unless Luck falls to 20 or so. In other words, no way. Anyone along the OL or DL works for me.
  10. Risen Star

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    It was. I laugh at all the 'I'll take this position in this round' comments.

    I'll stack my board as accurately as possible and then let the process dictate who I pick. If there's a cluster of similarly ranked players, then need factors in.

    But the idea of stacking a board for a team and then, I assume, stacking a different board for another team is idiotic to me. I expect it from Rafael but Bunting should know better.
  11. realtick

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    I think Bunting is just giving Vela what he asks for.
  12. RS12

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    Despite obvious holes, if a franchise QB is there you have to seriously consider it.
  13. Risen Star

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    Yep. People act like one will fall in your lap when you need it.

    I'm all for taking a guy that our scouting department feels will be a top shelf starter in this league. Even if he just rides the pine for four years. I don't care. Give me that depth and we'll figure out what to do with it later.
  14. Manwiththeplan

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    I don't think I'd go TE in round 2, but I don't think I'd mind one, if a good one fell to round 3. Laurent Robinson is playing very well as a #3 WR, but I would feel a lot better about our offense if we had 5 passing threats or more like GB (GJennings, JNelson, JFinley, JJones and DDriver) or NO (MColston, RMeachem, JGrahmn, LMoore and DHenderson).

    I think we can compete with them because our 1-3 is better than anyone elses (Miles, Dez and Witten), but I could really get used to another TE or WR to give the group more depth.
  15. Galian Beast

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    drafting a qb in the first round doesn't mean they will be successful, and it sure as hell doesn't help you win now....

    It's a terrible pick.

    You do what the 49ers did. You trade for a young quarterback with a lower pick.
  16. Manwiththeplan

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    The 49ers used a very high second rounder, so that's really a bad example. If there was a QB worth taking at 36, where the 49ers took Kapernick, then you don't get fancy and take him at 22-25 where I think we'll be.

    But I hope the plan is to not take a QB early.
  17. Eskimo

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    If a great QB slides down to us at the end of the first round inexplicably (say Landry Jones falls just as Aaron Rodgers did back in 2005) I would have no qualms with making that pick.

    Otherwise, I'd prefer to go OL, DE, OLB or CB - just take the BPA from that grouping and we'll be okay. I will say that if we go DE it has to be for a guy with some pass rush ability. I don't want a run defender there because you can get those types in the 3rd and 4th round. I also like what we have in the young guys there already in Hatcher, Lissemore and Geathers. I'm talking about a guy like Tyson Alualu, JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan who have come out in recent years. Guys that can play 5-technique in the base defense and move inside as pass rushers for the nickel and help to collapse the pocket.

    I really wanted JJ Watt in a trade down scenario to about #18 while picking up a mid-second round pick for the best RT prospect on the board. Overall I'm happy with Tyron since he looks like he can be a franchise LT and those guys only come along rarely and usually are nabbed in the top 10 but I thought we'd be okay with Free and a second round RT and wasn't entirely sold on Tyron due to his size and knee issues. I think the team made the right choice but we really need a DE who can exert some pressure.

    If we can't get such a DE than my next choice would be an OLB who can play coverage and rush the passer from SOLB. I just feel like we aren't getting enough from Spencer in the nickel and he's probably about as good now as he is going to get. If he can't generate pressure while everyone is obsessing over Ware then he is never going to be that guy. I'd be okay re-signing him so long as we brought in either a pass rush prospect or a vet pass rush specialist (like a Jason Taylor or Andre Carter type).

    You need 3 starting quality CBs in this league now. We have 3 right now but TNew is getting old and we still don't know if the team is going to commit to Mike Jenkins who has another 1.5 years on this deal. if the board is favourable, CB is also a good pick for us.

    Lastly, everyone knows we need more talent at interior OL. If there is a good Center on the board, I wouldn't hesitate to make the pick. If a Pro Bowl OG with power and athleticism is on the board, I'd also be okay with that pick as well.
  18. Galian Beast

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    They made the trade after they had won a super bowl... I'm talking about steve young...
  19. drawnstripes

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    look at my last two mocks in the draft section

    then go look at some film of Ronnell Lewis or Bruce Irvin as OLBers

    then say bye to Spencer

    you add Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas

    or Travian Robertson, DE/DT, South Carolina

    you got a good tatum to go at the OLBer an DE

    but what do I know
  20. silverbear

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    I thought you claimed you had a brain...

    Building a team specific board means finding players who fit your need, then slotting them as to what round they might be drafted... thus, you COMBINE best player available and team need, which is of course the way smart teams draft...

    Yup, just off of this post alone, I'd say you seriously overrate your intelligence... :D

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