CN:Wes Bunting Reviews the Cowboys' Draft, Part Two

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    Wes Bunting Reviews the Cowboys' Draft, Part Two
    Posted by Rafael at Wednesday, May 04, 2011
    Part two of our weekly chat with The National Football Post's Wes Bunting looks at Dallas' day two draft picks, how New York, Philadelphia and Washington drafted, and some un-drafted free agents who might interest Dallas once the new league year begins.

    Cowboys Nation: There was a lot of head scratching and some outright dismay after Dallas' Friday picks. The mood dropped quite a bit for those who liked the Tyron Smith pick and it probably dropped through the floor for those who didn't like the Tyron Smith pick.

    Let's talk about Bruce Carter. Your knee-jerk take on Carter is that he didn't fit well into a 3-4 as an inside backer.
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    Where's Part 1? I must have missed it.

    His comments on Carter are interesting, and they are something I noticed watching some of his footage on Youtube. He'd have some great hits, and was good in getting after the ball in space, but in tight quarters, he didn't seem nearly as physical as a guy like Mason Foster.

    It's good to hear he did play like that consistently in 2009 though, I hope he brings the physical play to the NFL.
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    I posted it here somewhere, but here is the article again;
    Wes Bunting Reviews the Cowboys' Draft, Part One
    Posted by Rafael at Tuesday, May 03, 2011
    In part one of Cowboys Nation's weekly draft chat with the National Football Post's Wes Bunting, he looks at the surprise picks of the first round and begins a bottom to top review of the Cowboys selections:

    Cowboys Nation: Welcome back, Wes. Let's begin at the beginning of this draft. Which of Thursday's first-round picks were the biggest ''wow'' picks in your book?

    Wes Bunting: Jake Locker going 8th to Tennessee. I thought that was high. The Christian Ponder pick by Minnesota at 12, though I heard that day that he was moving up. I figured he might go somewhere in the middle of the round, but not that high. The Nick Fairley to Detroit pick, that's the one that blew the top of my head off. The idea of him playing next to Suh is devastating. You can only double-team one of them. Which one is it going to be? I think he's in a very good place. Suh will take him under his wing.
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    I saw the same things.

    On most of his 2010 games, he seemed to be a grab-n-sling type tackler, instead of squaring up and driving through the ball carrier. IDK, perhaps he was trying to keep himself injury free.

    I hope Ryan instills some of that fire he has shown in the past.

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