News: CN: Wes Bunting Tuesday: Matching Talent to Needs

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    Wes Bunting Tuesday: Matching Talent to Needs

    Posted by Rafael

    Cowboys Nation: We're a Cowboys site, and we're looking at Cowboys needs. For the longest time, until Tyron Smith declared, the focus was on defensive ends, guys like J.J. Watt and Cameron Jordan. My guess is had Smith stayed in college Watt would have been the guy.

    You're mentioned Courtney Upshaw a couple of times, going back to the first chats after the '11 draft. Compare him grade wise and game wise to guys like Watt and Jordan.

    Wes Bunting: Upshaw is more of a stand-up guy. He's not the most explosive, quick-twitch guy, but he plays with power, balance and he's got enough suddenness to get after you as a rusher. At 'Bama they play him standing up and with his hand down in passing situations, so you can get creative with him.

    I think in a 3-4 front you stand him up on the strong side, and he can set the edge and give you pass rush ability. A lot of teams look at right and left, the right playing over the tight end and the left being the purer pass rusher. I think Upshaw can beat up the tight end, but he's not a speed blitzer; he's a natural pass rusher who wants to get into the blocker's body, who can overwhelm. I think he's an 8-12 sack a year guy at the next level, which is saying something for a strong-side backer...
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    With the interest this week upon the offensive guard and receiver positions, this might be some strong insight:

    'WB: I was putting my charts together and I looked at the guard position, and I had 18 draftable guards. Now some are guard/tackle tweeners and I moved them around, but that's a really high number for the guard class. I think there's some real depth at the guard position this year.

    Now the wide receiver position is really deep. I think I gave 28 draftable grades to seniors alone. That many guys are not going to get drafted. You see 30 to 35 total in an average year, and I have not even started to grade the juniors. That's a pretty deep class as well. Those are the two positions where I said wow, there's a lot more depth there than you usually see.'

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