CN:Wes' Weekly Chat, Part II: What's the Division Up To?

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    Wes' Weekly Chat, Part II: What's the Division Up To?
    Posted by Rafael at Thursday, April 21, 2011
    Part two of Cowboys Nation's weekly chat with the National Football Post's Wes Bunting considers the players who slotted in the teens, which player is most likely to drop out of the top five, and what some NFC East rivals might do.

    Cowboys Nation: Let's talk about another player who likely fits into Dallas' trade-down math. You've said for a while that Jimmy Smith was the second-best corner you saw on tape this year, behind Patrick Peterson. In the last week I've seen other draft analysts say the same thing and I saw one on Twitter yesterday who put Smith first overall, based only on tape.
    I look at that and think, he should guaranteed a spot in the 10-13 range, with Washington, Houston, Minnesota and Detroit all needing corner help. He might be high on Dallas' board with a clear background report. How much money has he cost himself?

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