CNN is reporting that Lance Armstrong may be stripped Of his 6th Tour de France title

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 16, 2004.

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    In a random check for banned substances, 3 illicit items were found in his hotel room that are banned by the French:

    1) toothpaste

    2) deodorant

    3) soap.

    It took a group of scientists from Paris a week to identify the substances.
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    Bastid. :D

    That was pretty funny.
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    Got me....If you were within reach, I'd fling my yellow LiveStrong wristband at you..... BRAT!...LMAO
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    Damn! :eek:

    Very well done. :D
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    This is an official do that again and BP is going to pimp slap that cowbell out of your hands. ;) :p

    Sad thing is I really thought there was an investigation when I read the headlines....poor guy has had more tests then Tammy Baker has had makeup mirrors and still they think he is cheating.

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