Coach: Continuing season would be unsafe

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    I think this is a bad idea. Too bad for these kids. They work hard to play the sport. Just because your team is not good enough to win games or even keep the score close, does not mean they are in danger. I have played on teams that got our butts kicked and I still enjoyed it. I don't like losing, but I loved playing football.

    OSCODA, Mich. (AP) - Oscoda Area High School's football team hasn't won a game, or even scored a point, in four games this season. Now the school district has decided to cancel the remaining games.

    Despite pleas from players and parents, the board in the small northern Michigan district recently upheld the school's earlier decision to end the season, saying players risked injury in trying to take on much stronger opponents.

    "When you go to a game on Friday night and see a team physically dominated, those are the indisputable facts," said coach Kyle Tobin.

    "Seniors, I feel for you. There's nothing I can say other than I'm sorry," said board member Neal Sweet. "But you're not quitters. You went out there and did your best."

    Tobin said the team was not physically competitive, had too few players and faced a tough schedule in the North East Michigan Conference, The Bay City Times reported.

    Senior quarterback Mike Gondek pleaded with the school board to reconsider the school's Sept. 19 decision to cancel the remaining games.

    "All I ever wanted to do was play football," Gondek said. "My teammates never felt so unsafe that we didn't want to be out there."

    Tobin, who is in his first year as head coach at the 530-student school, defended his decision to recommend calling off the season.

    "I have 28 years of coaching experience in high school and college, and I know the difference between a team playing bad and a team that's unsafe," he said.

    The scores in Oscoda's games this season were 46-0 against Flint Hamady on Aug. 25, 30-0 against Whittemore-Prescott on Aug. 31, 44-0 against West Branch Ogemaw Heights on Sept. 8 and 44-0 against Tawas on Sept. 15.

    Oscoda forfeited its game Friday against Pinconning and had four more games left on its schedule.

    Tobin coached the Whittemore-Prescott football team to three state finals and one championship before leaving three years ago.

    He said Oscoda High could barely meet the minimum number of players needed to field a team. He said one reason was that it did not have a junior varsity football team last year. It also lost several players to injuries.

    Coaches put several sophomore players on the junior varsity team so they could compete and train without so great a risk of injury.

    Some in the audience of about 100 people Monday spoke in Tobin's support.

    "When you have a coach who comes and says 'unsafe,' it's not about the band, the boosters or the cheerleaders. It's about some kid getting paralyzed," said Terry Ekdahl, whose has a son on the junior varsity team.
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    Sort of sounds like St. Gerards in San Antonio,who cancelled the rest of their games the other day.
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    Damn, I have never heard of anything like this. Sad for the kids and parents.
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    I have to change my opinion on this matter. I have heard the coach, Kyle Tobin interviewed a few times since I first read the story.

    First off, he intitially went to this high school as an assistant principal. He retired from coaching and took the promotion from teaching to AP. They school had hired another head coach, but he left after only one season.

    Tobin took over and had meetings with potential players and parents. He said that over 30 kids were wanting to come out and play. They set up weight training programs and other requirements. He said that very few of the kids put in any effort and many failed to show up for work outs.

    When two a days started, they only had about 22 kids show up. They lost about 2 or 3 kids to injury early on. They promoted about 3 JV players, but he just didn't feel comfortable about the older kids on the team. He just felt they were out of shape and not putting in the work. That is why he felt they were in potential danger.

    Tobin said that the JV team has about 35 players and that they all work hard and are dedicated in the weight room. They will have a team next season.

    Knowing all this, then I can now partially understand why he did what he did. Sure there were a few kids that wanted to play and were dedicated, but there were too many who weren't willing to put in the work.

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