Coaches Reprimanded for 'Crybaby Award'

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    PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. - The coaches of a middle school basketball team who humiliated one of their players by giving him a "crybaby award" will likely face disciplinary action from district officials.

    The 13-year-old boy's coach called him just before last month's team banquet and told him to make sure he attended because he was getting a special trophy, the boy's father said.

    At the event, the boy watched as all of his Pleasantville Middle School teammates received trophies or certificates.

    He was then called up to receive his award, and a coach told the crowd that the boy was being honored because "he begged to get in the game, and all he did was whine."

    The trophy had a silver figure of a baby atop a pedestal engraved with the boy's name, which was spelled incorrectly. Family members said the teen — an honor roll student — was so embarrassed that he stayed home from school on the following Monday.

    Edwin Coyle, superintendent of the Atlantic County district, said he would recommend that the unidentified coaches receive some type of punishment. He planned to address the matter at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting.

    "I was very upset and dismayed that our coaches would take an opportunity to belittle or lessen the self-esteem of our athletes," Coyle said.
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    The way some parents are these days the coach was lucky he didnt get the crap beat out of him by the boys father. I know I would have had to try real hard to hold back on the man.

    What kind of piece of crap coach would do that to a little boy? :mad:
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    LOL. I'm sorry, that's funny.
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    If that coach doesn't get fired. It will be a in-justice!
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    Update on this story. Not that it makes it right, but the coach was only 24. Probably not the most mature guy, needless to say. He probably thought up the idea drinking some beers with his buddies.

    I think it's weird they're going to hold a whole new banquet to give this kid a real trophy. I'd feel pretty queer going to that banquet if I was that kid. I'd just want this all to be over with and forgotten.

    Associated Press
    PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. -- A basketball coach who gave a 13-year-old player a "Crybaby Award" will be banned from coaching, sent to sensitivity training and ordered to make a public apology.

    Schools superintendent Edwin Coyle revealed the punishments Wednesday. Whether the coach loses his job remains to be seen.

    James Guillen, 24, a third-year special education teacher at the Pleasantville Middle School, had a trophy made up showing an infant atop a pedestal, with a plaque bearing the inscription of player Terrence Philo Jr. and the words "Crybaby Award.''

    Terrence was spelled "Terrance."

    After summoning the boy to attend the April 24 season-ending banquet, Guillen gave him the trophy, humiliating him in front of about 25 teammates and parents.

    On Tuesday, the nine-member Pleasantville Board of Education voted to fire Guillen, rejecting Coyle's recommendation for lighter sanctions.

    But state law mandates that hiring and firing recommendations come from the superintendent, not board members.

    As a result, the vote to dismiss Guillen wasn't valid, according to Frank Belluscio, a spokesman for the New Jersey School Boards Association.

    "It's not binding. It's not proper procedure," Belluscio said.

    Coyle, who said dismissal would be too severe a punishment, said he would ban Guillen from ever coaching in Pleasantville schools and order the sensitivity training and public apology.

    In addition, Guillen will be ordered to hold the banquet again and give Philo the trophy other players received. A veteran teacher also will be assigned to mentor Guillen.

    Coyle said he would ask the board a second time to authorize a five-day suspension without pay and the forfeiture of a $3,000 pay raise due to Guillen.

    The boy's father, Terrence Philo, said he would leave the penalty to school officials.

    "I just want what's right. I want my son to have a trophy and certificate like everyone else got. No less, no more," he said.

    Guillen, who has yet to speak publicly about the incident, remains on the job as a special education teacher at the school.​
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    I wonder what happened to make this coach want to give this kid that trophy.
    I read in the earlier article about something along the lines of the kid begged to get in the game and all he did was whine....I am wondering if he was begging to get in the game...did not get to get in the game and therefore was whining about not being able to play.

    Either way it seems like a very cruel thing to do to a young kid.

    I also notice that this young coach is also a Special Education teacher...which would make you think he should be a little more understanding...I am curious how he deals with children that need special care if he treated this kid the way he did.

    Also it was impressive in a sense to see the father saying that he just wanted the kid to get the same trophy and certificate, nothing more nothing less.

    Like someone pointed out the coach is lucky he did not get nailed by the kids parents or the school have a large law suit against it and the coach.
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    Him being a Special Ed Teacher struck me too.

    If I am this kid, no way do I attend the 2nd banquet to accept anything from this guy.

    Had my boy been one of this guy's players I might have had a hard time keeping my temper in check. Even if the "award' was given to someone else's kid.
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    Brain did they ever replace your trophy? :D
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    "Crybaby Award"? Isn't that what Parcells gave to LA?
  10. BrAinPaiNt

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    I lost it....Do not know what happened to it.

    The last place I remember seeing it was in my chair. :p
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    I suppose you're crying about it now aren't you??? :)

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