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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hong2221, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Hey everyone, I'm currently a sophomore at Rutgers University majoring in education. I am undecided between teaching k12 Physics and elementary science. However, there is one thing I would want to do, coach football. Though this is what I want to do, I have no experience in coaching. What are your suggestions? Thanks ahead.
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    Get ready to do a LOT of working up in the coaching field. You'll likely have to, though I don't know this for sure, get on with a school that is in need of some assistance on the team and have to just work your way up to maybe eventually being the coach.

    Is there a position that you think you could specialize in coaching? Something that you could bring to the table to sell people on giving you a chance to be part of the coaching staff?

    I went to a small high school and I think we had 5 or 6 coaches. An offensive coach, defensive coach, headcoach, then a few other guys who helped with specific areas, like runningback, QB, DB, that sort of thing.
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    there is nothing specific i could help in... i'll look around though
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    Do what my high school coaches did to us.

    Run em till they puke. Good times, good times.
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    First, volunteer for anything you can get with the Rutgers team. Towel boy as a junior may get something better as a senior. Anything you learn should help.

    Second, check your education department for a course in coaching. You may have to use it for gen ed credit or you may not be able to apply it to your degree at all but take it anyway if you can. There's probably some prereq but the instructer will usually waive it if you see him/her in person as long as the course isn't full, plus you have two more years to take it.

    When you do get into the teaching field, 90% of the high school teams in the country would kill to have volunteers, especially ones with clearances already in place. You may even be able to use the fact you're willing to volunteer as a football coach, even at the jr. high level to help you get the job.

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    If you have no coaching experience, I'd recommend you start with a YAFL or PopWarner team. Many times, young teams work the same offense as there feeder HS does. This would give you an excellent opportunity to learn the basics with a minimul amount of pressure. The most important thing to those boys is just being there for them. As you get some experience, you can decide to coach your own team, move up in age bracket or stick where your at and gain more and more experience. Eventually, as you learn the schemes, you can probably land a job with your local HS team. If you played there, your changes might even be better. If you really have a good repore with your HS coach, you might have opportunity to coach a Freshman or JV team. There are plenty of clinics that you can attend to get an idea of how to go about it. Lots of guys have coached or coach. Sometimes all that is needed is time and willingness to coach.

    Coaching can be a very rich experience. I enjoyed it very much and wish I still had the time to do it. I wish lots of luck and above all, enjoy it.
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    lol chances. You were an alright coach :)
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    You should ask this on a coaching board like the one above.

    What you should do is go around local schools and talk to the head coaches and offer to volunteer yourself where they need help/could use you. They'll usually take on free help. You will have no idea what you'll be coaching or if you'll be coaching at all, but you'll at least be around coaches. Soak up everything they know, watch film with them, watch practices, and study the game yourself.

    It's all about getting a foot in the door and working hard once you're in.
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    Volunteer as an Assistant Coach at one of your local High Schools. Offer to scout upcoming opponents and chart their plays. For every play note down, distance, field position, and play called with a result. Try and note what the set is and what the counter set is.

    Summarize this with suggestion you see. In other words if it looks like running left is easier because of a small DT or DE or a slow OLB, note that.

    Once you get your Education degree it will be pretty easy to climb the coaching ranks from there.

    I loved coaching HS and am considering doing it again for my daughter's HS.

    Good luck.

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